Buckle-up hopheads! We’re about to take a delectable trip down IPA memory-lane.

Coming to us from some of our favorite brew joints around the country, each of these hop-loaded delicacies sport their own level of craft fame. Some grace the pages of Thrillist, Vine Pair, Food & Wine, or the Beer Travel Guide. Others sport out-of-this-world scores on BeerAdvocate, Untappd, and Tavour! 

So, we’re highlighting a few juice-soaked sippers that have filled Tavour members’ crates and rattled the craft-o-sphere in the best way possible. 

Here are 10 of the most popular IPAs to ever hit the Tavour app: 

Bite (Imperial IPA) - Anchorage Brewing Co. - Alaska

When seasoned Tavour craft fiends think of sought-after IPAs, I’m willing to bet Anchorage’s arsenal of flavor-packed hoppy brews pops into their hop-lovin’ heads every time! 

This hair-raising, 9.5% ABV Imperial IPA is no exception to the excitement. Anchorage brewed it with nothin’ but lemon-limey Ekuanot Hops in the boil. Then, they added a load of Strata, Citra, and Citra Cryo in the dry hop, pumping up the silky-soft liquid with the flavors of a Jamba Juice orange smoothie tinged by just a hint of cannabis.

And, after lucky Tavour members caught a swig, they gifted Bite with an astonishing 4.30/5.00!

DDH Double Mosaic Dream (Imperial IPA) - Other Half Brewing Co. - New York

This Mosaic-packed quencher comes from the brewery Vine Pair named one of the Most Important of the Decade! Which makes sense, considering DDH Double Mosaic ranks among the Top 30 Imperial IPAs on Earth on Untappd!

To create this batch of juicy wonderment, the team at Other Half took their beloved Mosaic single IPA, and added ultra-potent Mosaic Cryo Hops. Imagine blending a scoop of peach sorbet into a pineapple, papaya, and mango smoothie, and you’ll have an idea of what you’re in for.

DM's (Imperial New England IPA) - BlackStack Brewing - Minnesota

With its unbelievably smooth body and tangy tropical flavors, this 4.36 UT-rated brew has craft fans in a total frenzy! 

Where’d all that excitement-worthy juice come from? The brewers triple dry-hopped this beast with Idaho 7, hand-selected Mosaic Cryo, and New Zealand-grown Nelson Sauvin! It tastes like a citrus smoothie with mango, pineapple, and peach, all wrapped up in a gargantuan 10% ABV. 

Evangelion XIV (Imperial IPA) - Adroit Theory Brewing Co. - Virginia

Adroit Theory’s massive juicebomb boasts double dry-hopped Mosaic, Citra, Chinook, and rarely spotted BRU-1 — plus a dose of silky lactose. Bright OJ and juicy pineapple flavors dominate each pillowy-thick sip, with just a little citrus rind bitterness on the finish. You taste the 10% ABV warmth, but it’s incredibly sippable!

If you’ve been part of the Tavour community for any length of time, you’ve heard us rave about Adroit Theory.

We’ve gushed about the juicy complexity of the Virginia brewery’s IPAs and how they often sell out in pre-sales. We’ve also noted how everyone from The Beer Travel Guide to the Colorado Sun named them a “Must Try” at the 2019 Great American Beer Festival.

Ghost in the Machine (Imperial IPA) - Parish Brewing Co. - Louisiana 

Thrillist places this Citra-soaked delicacy at the very top of their 10 Louisiana Beers to Try Before You Die. Food & Wine also calls it one of the Best IPAs in America. And, honestly, it’s easy to see why!

With its delectably juicy bursts of papaya, mango, and pineapple flavor (ALL from the hops), this is THE BEER that keeps local hopheads swarming release day lines outside of Parish’s taproom. They know that this hopbomb is notorious for selling out in a blink! 

Juicy Bits (New England IPA) - WeldWerks Brewing Co. - Colorado

At the 2019 Great American Beer Festival, these Colorado hazemasters were decorated in so much gold, King Midas would’ve wept with envy.

And, their coveted Juicy Bits made up the foundation for those gold-getting beers!

It seems like every time we get a new batch of this cloudy-soft pour, y’all snatch it up faster than a fire drill. And, we don’t blame you! Juicy Bits is uniquely fantastic, thanks to WeldWerks’ dialed-in process of adjusting the water chemistry that results in a pillowy mouthfeel.

High protein malts also lend a hand. And, by leaving some sugars in the brew instead of allowing them to turn into booze, the tropical citrus character of the Mosaic, Citra, and El Dorado Hops gets amped up even more.

Night Machine (Imperial IPA) - Drekker Brewing Co. - North Dakota

The U.S Open Beer champs at Drekker created this pillowy-soft Imperial IPA with a juicy lineup of Mosaic, Vic Secret, Amarillo, and Citra Hops. 

We can’t say we were surprised that each sip of Drekker’s 8.1% ABV hopjuice burst with plush waves of orange citrus and fresh-cut melon, and had a comforting piney backbone. 

We also can’t say we were surprised that Tavour members’ discerning palates gave this gusher a whopping 4.28/5.00 rating on Tavour! That’s pretty dang impressive.

Pseudo Sue (American Pale Ale) - Toppling Goliath Brewing Co. - Iowa

Make no mistake, the hype around Pseudo Sue is very real. If this were any other year, there'd be scores of Toppling Goliath fans heading into the brewery's taproom to load up on cans of this hopped-up Pale Ale that drinks like a full-fledged Imperial IPA.

If you've tasted Sue's 100% Citra-hopped profile — overflowing with ridiculously-tasty notes of mango, passionfruit, and drippy orange — you know this to be true.

This beer has a perfect 100/100 score on BeerAdvocate, after all!

Ryste Ryste Clementine, Lemon, Lime (Milkshake IPA) - Evil Twin Brewing NYC - New York

This delectable Milkshake IPA from Evil Twin caused such a ruckus amongst Tavour members, our entire batch sold out in less than 24 hours! 

Jeppe Jarnit-Bjergso — the legendary founder and head brewer at Evil Twin — and his team made it unbelievably fruity with plenty of actual clementines, lemons, and limes. Meanwhile, a hefty dose of vanilla and a bit of lactose gives it a creamy streak, like a real milkshake. 

A massive dry-hopping of super juicy hop cones leaves enough piney and resinous notes on the finish to remind you of it’s 7.5% ABV.

Strawberry Double Marbles (Imperial Fruited IPA) - More Brewing - Illinois

Strap in Milkshake fiends! Because, the crew at More Brewing brewed this delicious delight with heaps of Mosaic Hops, milk sugar, a dose of creamy vanilla, and “a whole lotta strawberry!”

While we don’t know EXACTLY what a “whole lotta” strawberry is, we do know that this brew tastes exactly like an old-fashioned diner’s strawberry milkshake, topped with dollops of whipped cream and given a boozy twist. 

If we ever have the chance to snag another batch, let it be known that our last stash skipped off the app in less than a day!