Each week on the Tavour app, we highlight top-notch beers from independent craft breweries across the U.S. — and sometimes even from abroad! Here are just a few of the sought-after Stouts we shared with beer lovers recently. Have you scheduled your beer delivery yet?

Aslin Beer Company - How Now Brown Cow w/ Maple & Coffee - Milk Stout 

Mm-mm! Can you smell breakfast cookin’? Oh wait, that’s not breakfast — it’s the newest drop of How Now Brown Cow from Virginia’s Aslin Beer Co.!

Aslin brewed this sweet and silky Milk Stout with real maple syrup and coffee so it overflows with the flavors and aromas of a hearty morning meal. Like a short stack of fluffy chocolate chip pancakes, absolutely drenched in maple syrup, served with a warm cup of medium-roast coffee, and a small side of smoked bacon — it’s chocolatey, roasty, maply deliciousness with just the slightest bit of smokiness! 

And, what places this breakfast brew above others like it is the fact that you really COULD down a can with your morning meal without having to cancel any plans you had for later. Aslin brewed How Now Brown Cow with a super manageable 6% ABV, so it’s ultra-delicious AND ultra-drinkable.

It’s this kind of boundary-pushing creativity that made Aslin famous in the first place. The Washington Post calls them “one of the [Atlantic] region’s most buzzed-about breweries.” 

Parish Brewing Co - Barrel- Aged Cordial Cherry Stout

We tip our hats to the gentlefolks at Parish Brewing for crafting Barrel-Aged Cordial Cherry, a sumptuous Stout that captures the flavors of a real chocolate cordial cherry. 

It’s on a whole other level than those candies you find in a grocery store. We’re talking about the delicate, boozy truffles that were once only crafted in the eastern part of France bordering Switzerland (a.k.a. the perfect spot for all things confectionary). 

This velvety Stout puts the beauty of this treat on full display. The brewers fill this rich brew with cherry purée and dutch cocoa for notes of sweet fruit enrobed in robust chocolate. Then, smooth vanilla streams in with a hint of nuttiness from almond additions. 

A bourbon-y 11.5% ABV warmth bubbles under the surface, as well. To craft an absolutely luxe and decadent sipper, the brewers aged this Stout for nearly a year in a blend of Cherry Brandy barrels (previously home to bourbon) and Widow Jane double oak barrels.   

The fortunate few who’ve been able to try Barrel-Aged Cordial Cherry Stout are singing its praises on Untappd:  

  • “Wow. Amazing flavors and character. This is an excellent execution of the intention.” @Anthony A. 
  • “Killed the concept” @Britt A. 
  • “Thick and rich. Cherry and almonds on point!” @Lincoln W. 

Birds Fly South Ale Project - Wolves in the Piano - Barrel Aged Stout

Greenville, South Carolina’s tourism slogan is, “The Greenville Everyone’s Talking About: Yeah, That Greenville.”

Ask any in-the-know craft junkie, and the real reason they’re talking about Greenville is because it’s home to Birds Fly South Ale Project.

These trend-setting brewers have been quietly amassing an arsenal of award-winning brews for years. In 2019, they took home gold and were crowned one of the Top 10 Breweries in the country at the US Open Beer Championship! 

And now’s your chance to snag the 2020 vintage of one of Birds Fly South’s most popular brews: Wolves In The Piano Bourbon Barrel Aged Stout!

The brewers age this year’s black, liquid gold for 11 months in a blend of sought-after bourbon barrels, including 4 Roses, Jack Daniels, and more. Every sip of Wolves in the Piano is a mouthful of rich, caramel mocha. Meanwhile, subtle layers of candied dates from Belgian Yeast mingle with notes of molasses and sweet, demerara sugar from a full gallon of maple syrup per barrel.

If you hadn’t heard about Birds Fly South until now, this is your cue to start freaking out with excitement. ‘Cause when you lock in a stash of Wolves in the Piano, you get a full-fledged Dark Beer introduction to the Greenville Brewery craft fans are most certainly talking about.

Untitled Art Brewing x Mikerphone Brewing - TripleBerry Hazelnut Smoothie Stout

If peanut butter and jelly sandwiches had arms, they would bow and praise TripleBerry Hazelnut Smoothie Stout

Half jammy Smoothie Sour and half gooey Pastry Stout, this brew is decadent enough to make both Jif and Smucker’s blush. 

To craft it, the brew scientists at Untitled Art teamed up with their flavor-forward friends at Mikerphone.

They used strawberry, raspberry, blueberry, hazelnut, cocoa nibs, and milk sugar to make this brew taste like you mixed chocolate-vanilla swirl ice cream in a blender with fresh triple berry jam and coconuts.

It’s like a parfait churned into a milkshake — so delicious, fans won’t look at an ordinary PB&J the same way ever again! 

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