The German Sour Ale known as the Gose is one of the most mispronounced beer styles (click here to see how you’re supposed to say it). It’s also one of the brightest styles in craft. Breweries traditionally make Goses with wheat, barley, coriander, and salt. They top-ferment them using ale yeast as well as lactobacillus for souring. 

And since 2016, more than half of the Goses on the market also include fruit. Brewers have found that this style complements fruit brilliantly because the salt amplifies the fruit's natural flavors — making it juicier and reducing its bitterness. 

To taste for yourself what a tart and salty Gose can do to enhance a variety of different fruit notes, check out this list of some of the fruitiest Goses around:

  1. Raspberry in The Veil Never Again - Raspberry was one of the original syrup flavors added to traditional Goses in German pubs. However, the American craft scene has really taken the Gose scene by storm. You can find Virginia’s The Veil Brewing on pretty much every top Gose list. And you can taste all the jamminess of the red berries minus any seedy bitterness in their Never Again Raspberry Gose. The brewers pay tribute to the classic flavor but use real fruit instead of syrup to elevate the beer to next level fruitiness. 
  1. Apricot in de Garde Apricot Gose - de Garde Brewing makes some of the most traded for Goses in the world. The Oregon coast Sour Ale specialists have an affinity for stone fruit — they’ve included it in some of their top rated sours! Apricot Gose is no exception; fans love how the salt brings out extra tart and tangy character from the apricot, and it has been their top rated Gose across several rating platforms for several years running.
  1. Blood Orange in Anderson Valley Blood Orange Gose - You’ll likely spot Anderson Valley Brewing’s Blood Orange Gose on more beer shelves across the US than any other Fruited Gose. It really highlights how salt can evoke juiciness from fruit as dry as the Blood Orange. This California brewery was founded over 30 years ago, and are experts at integrating fruit with beer. Their salty fruited Sours played a significant role in the Gose’s rise to popularity in America. 
  1. Cherry in Victory Kirsch Gose - It takes some serious cherry pizazz to steal the Euro Sour Ale spotlight from the Kriek style. In Kirsch Gose, Victory Brewing shows how the salt amplifies the bright cherry juice so your tongue won’t even detect any salinity.  
  1. Watermelon in Verboten Roll in Ze’ Watermelons - Beer geeks know Colorado’s Verboten Brewing for their taproom favorite Dark Beers like Killer Boots and Cake or Death. But when warm weather rolls around, there’s nothing like a fresh slice of watermelon sprinkled in salt. Once Verboten introduced both Colorado and Tavour members around the country to this quencher, summer has never been the same. 
  1. Key Lime in Westbrook Key Lime Pie Gose - Westbrook Brewing’s Gose is one of the most iconic American-made beers of the style. So it’s only fitting that they would be at the forefront of flavored Gose innovation too! In Key Lime Pie Gose, they feature not only fruit but also the graham cracker and vanilla notes of a full-on pie experience.
  1. Bilberries in Nightmare Glasgow Smile - Nightmare Brewing is a phantom brewery with no location, so you know they’re out-of-the-box thinkers. To create their Glasgow Smile Gose, they had to think outside of the country — they traveled to Scotland for the wild berries native there. Then, the brewery highlighted the unique fruit with familiar flavors of lemon zest, raspberries, and blueberries. They even added some heather for herbal notes that pair with the salt to accent the juicy mix.  
  1. Mixed Berries in Trillium Triple Seesaw: Boysenberry, Blackberry, Raspberry - If you’re looking for 3x the berry blast of any average fruited Gose, head to Trillium Brewing in Massachusetts. Not only does the brewery top endless ‘Best Of’ lists and ratings charts, their Gose game is very strong as well. You’ll find Triple Seesaw at the top of many Gose ranks. 
  1. Mango in Omniollo Bianca Mango Lassi Gose - There’s no debating mangos are one of the tangiest and juiciest fruits in the world. If you track them to their source, like Alphonso mangos in India, you’ll find a whole country of fans who treasure mangos. Sweden’s Omnipollo delivers an authentic taste of mango in their Bianca Mango Lassi Gose. The beer is inspired by the traditional mango drink from Indian culture.
  2. Ambrosia Salad in Evil Twin and The Veil Luxurious Luxury Volume One Collaboration - Creative breweries like Evil Twin Brewing and The Veil Brewing show us that the flavor possibilities in a Gose are endless. They brew their Luxurious Luxury Volume One with marshmallows, Italian plums, raspberries, and Merlot salt. It tastes like pink Starburst, red berries, stone fruit, and Lucky Charms. Even with dessert ingredients like marshmallows, the salty Gose base really makes the flavors pop!

With a salty kick to intensify tangy fruits and other enticing flavors, you can see why these are not only some of the most checked-in Goses on Untappd, but also some of the top-selling summer seasonals on the market.