Each week on the Tavour app, we highlight top-notch beers from independent craft breweries across the U.S. — and sometimes even from abroad! Here are just a few of the sought-after Stouts we shared with beer lovers recently. Have you scheduled your beer delivery yet?

New Image Brewing - Denomination of Origin - Washington Blackberry - Imperial Stout

In the Pacific Northwest, wild blackberries are as prolific as dandelions. All over western Washington, you can find them growing on huge, prickly bushes by the side of the road, teasing you with the scent of their ripe, fat little morsels. 

Berry picking season may be over for the year, but with Denomination of Origin: Washington Blackberry, you can enjoy the tantalizing taste of fresh fruit well into the winter months. 

A whopping 28 lbs per barrel of Washington blackberries play perfectly with the rich, chocolatey notes of this Imperial Stout. Every sip is like taking a huge bowl of blackberries, drizzling them in dark chocolate fondue, and chasing it with a sip of roasty espresso.

While every Stout in New Images Denomination of Origin series features exotic ingredients from around the world, you’d be hard-pressed to find ‘em outside of Colorado.

White Elm Brewing Company - ¡Champurrado! - Barrel Aged Stout

If you’re like us, you know spiking your hot chocolate with bourbon flawlessly blends notes of oak and caramel with cocoa’s nostalgic sweetness!

But, if you thought you perfected the adult version of this favorite childhood beverage, think again! Just wait ‘til you snag a silky-smooth taste of ¡Champurrado! from White Elm.

This 4.31 UT-rated Bourbon Barrel-Aged Imperial Stout isn’t any old packet of Swiss Miss and corner store booze. White Elm ages their expertly-crafted take on Mexican hot chocolate in 10-year-old Weller bourbon barrels with heaps of Mexican vanilla, cacao, cinnamon, and Guajillo chilis. 

The result is beyond brag-worthy. 

With each decadently thick sip, you’ll experience how these barrel-aging masters delicately conjure flavors of top-shelf Bourbon, oak, dark cacao, sumptuous cinnamon, and woody vanilla, balanced by a bit of zesty spice. Breathe in aromas of roasted coffee and caramel, and indulge in another silky-smooth sip. 

MobCraft Beer - Bourbon Barrel Aged Padishah Imperial Stout

Every December, Milwaukee’s MobCraft Beer hosts their annual Stout Fest, a celebration of dark and decadent sippers. The event offers craft fans some cool merch and the ability to try a range of luscious Stouts — but, there’s no mistaking the real reason the event is so popular:

The brewers’ annual Bourbon Barrel Aged Padishah Imperial Stout release!

Stout Fest marks one of the few shots many local craft fans will get to taste this ultra-indulgent boozebomb. This year’s event is a little different, with virtual components and social distancing in place, but the spirit surrounding Padishah remains strong. And now, you get to be one of the first — and few — tasters outside of the region!

This staggering 11% ABV brew delights the palate with notes of oak, vanilla, and molasses from aging in acclaimed Heaven Hill bourbon barrels.

Plus, with all the dark malts the brewers used, it tastes like a molten chocolate lava cake drizzled all over in whiskey! No wonder the brewers saved this release for winter — every sip is a shot of warmth that goes from tongue to toe. 

Listermann Brewing Company - Operation Flintlock - Caramel Marshmallow Stout

The last time we snagged a Stout from the sweet-toothed brewers at Listermann, it sold out in less than a day. 

That’s why we’ve been training our beer-snagging muscles non-stop. There was no way we were going to miss out on the release of their luxurious Operation Flintlock Caramel Marshmallow Stout! 

Listermann stuffed this velvety soft brew with ooey-gooey swells of caramel, coffee, vanilla, marshmallow, and lactose. Imagine sinking your teeth into a homemade caramel tart, covered by a billowy-cloud of crème fraîche, laced with top shelf booze!

It’s almost like the brewers scooped out the inside of the classic confection, then swirled it with a healthy dose of cold brew, burnt sugar, and cream!  With each lush taste, we’re beginning to wonder whether a high-brow bakery collabed with the GABF gold medal-winning team to craft this batch of boozy dessert. 

Alesong Brewing and Blending - Mocha Rhino Suit (2020) - Barrel Aged Milk Stout

The recommended food pairings for Alesong’s thick, mocha fudge Stout are as follows: 

Smoked Spareribs — with a bold 12.2% ABV, Mocha Rhino Suit (2020) cuts through the meatiness and won’t be outshined by BBQ sauce. 

Cowgirl Creamery ‘Barely Buzzed’ Cheddar — combine a mouthful of this creamy, nutty cheese with a sip of this molten lava cake of a Stout, and the result is like an ice cream sundae topped with a dollop of whipped cream and sprinkle of pecans. 

Blueberry Donuts — Mmm, like dipping a sweet and tangy berry-glazed doughnut in your morning mocha. This is the Saturday morning breakfast I dream about all week long. 

Raspberry Cheesecake — It’s almost too much...almost, hehe. Imagine a chocolate mocha cheesecake drizzled in raspberry preserves, but even creamier. 

It seems like this Stout goes with just about everything we crave this time of year. How about you?

If you want to gain first access to Alesong's special releases, sign up for their quarterly membership by following this link to their club signup page. Cheers!

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