Each week on the Tavour app, we highlight top-notch beers from independent craft breweries across the U.S. — and sometimes even from abroad! Here are just a few of the opulent Stouts we shared with beer lovers recently. Have you scheduled your beer delivery yet? 

WeldWerks Brewing Co - Starriest Night (9/2020) - Imperial Milk Stout

When WeldWerks first released Starriest Night at their taproom last month, only those holding a 2020 GABF passport could get a bottle. 

Which means, unless you had tickets to this year’s digital festival, you couldn’t even score a bottle by trekking out to Greeley, Colorado. Luckily, we were able to snag a stash of this super-limited Stout just for Tavour members!

To create this special release, the WeldWerks team took their beloved Starriest Night Stout, and launched it to dizzying new heights with double the amount of real toasted coconut, raw coconut, and hazelnuts. Then, they doused it with a touch of creamy lactose, and 250 lbs of milk chocolate syrup!

When you wish upon a bottle of this new Starriest Night, all your chocolate craving, sweet toothed-dreams will come true! It’s like a Mounds bar made with Nutella, or a Ferrero Rocher topped with creamy coconut. Straight-up candy in a bottle!

903 Brewers - Barrel-Aged Welcome to Canada - Imperial Stout

I’m not quite sure what a typical breakfast looks like in Canada, but if it’s anything like today’s Barrel Aged Welcome to Canada Maple Coffee Stout, I might need to move there. 

This Stout’s rich, 11.3% ABV depths napped in Ironroot Whiskey Barrels for 13 months! That makes for some nice oak and molasses notes, with a boozy heat that comes in on the finish and warms from head to toe.

Plus, with real additions of maple syrup and coffee, its tasty complexity sure pairs well alongside some Canadian bacon and a stack of pancakes!

Where in the Great White North does this barrel-aged beauty come from, you ask? It’s actually the mastery of 903 Brewers in Texas. This lusciously toasty treat certainly captures the easy-going spirit of our Northern neighbors, though.

Thing is, 903’s brews rarely make it far outside of their Sheman, Texas taproom. Craft fans in Austin are known for driving over an hour just for sips. In fact, they’re such a local favorite, Eater named them the No. 1 Essential Dallas Brewery!

Parish Brewing Co - Reve Coffee Stout

When it comes to beer reviews, you know the source we trust the most?  

You, the beer geeks. 

We know you’re true craft fans who value the mastery behind unforgettable Dark Beers. 

So, when Rêve Coffee Stout earned an insane 4.38 on Tavour and 97/100 on BeerAdvocate, ranking it in the Top 20 Best Milk Stouts in the World, our jaws hit the floor!

You’ve sent us so many requests, expressing such unwavering love for its roasty, smooth, and expertly balanced layers. There’s so much adoration for its real espresso swirling in vanilla-mocha goodness and drizzled caramel notes  — it’s like crowning a new Tavour Stout King!

And now, thanks to Parish Brewing, who smuggled a few more cases across Louisiana state lines for us, this royal pour is back! 

Cycle Brewing - Rare DOS 2 with Vanilla Bean Marshmallows - Barrel Aged Stout

Before you get too excited about today’s delectable 11% ABV Bourbon Barrel Aged Stout, fair warning: we got less than 420 bottles to go around!

This boozy behemoth comes from the craft masters at Cycle, who’ve taken the Tampa Bay area by storm — and earned an outstanding 4.22 brewery rating on UT, while they’re at it!

The founder and head brewer, Doug Dozark, went from slinging Starbucks to interning at Cigar City. Now, he’s at the helm of one of the most sought-after breweries in craft. 

He took the same innovative mindset he developed over the years and infused it into Rare DOS 2 with Vanilla Bean Marshmallows. 

Doug and his team crafted it with over 100 lbs per batch of house-made vanilla bean marshmallows, then aged it for two years in a blend of Maker’s Mark and Heaven Hill bourbon barrels. Each velvety sip envelopes your tongue in exquisite notes of freshly brewed coffee, sweet vanilla, and creamy marshmallows, with bittersweet cocoa, bourbon, and brown sugar rising up on the finish.

If you could order a dark chocolate and vanilla mocha, top it with marshmallows, and spike it with whiskey, you’d come close to the taste of this beer.

Heathen Brewing - MegaMint (2019) - Imperial Milk Stout

Coming to you straight from our resident sweet tooth’s mouth:

Back in college, they called me the ‘cookie monster,’ because before I learned how to cook, I lived off whatever the Girl Scouts were selling.  

Thin Mints were, and still are, my favorite cookie. The only problem is, they’re the favorite of many other people as well, so they always sell out first! That’s why I made it a point to buy every last box whenever a Scout was around. 

I’ve picked up some pretty solid skills in the kitchen over the years, but Thin Mints still hold a very special place in my heart. And as a full-grown beer geek, I no longer scout for the Scouts. Instead, I set my radar on Heathen’s MegaMint Imperial Milk Stout. 

A lot of mint Stouts only give hints or nuances of that sweet, refreshing flavor I crave. Heathen uses freshly-picked mint leaves to deliver a blast of mint that cuts through the decadent chocolate Milk Stout base. 

If you’re pining for peppermint patties, coo-coo for candy canes, or love Thin Mint cookies as much as I do, then I suggest you snag a bottle. And, if you haven’t yet mastered the art of cooking, you might want to grab a few to get you through the winter.

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