Each week on the Tavour app, we highlight top-notch beers from independent craft breweries across the U.S. — and sometimes even from abroad! Here are just a few of the luscious IPAs we’ve shared with beer lovers this week. Have you scheduled your beer delivery yet?


Casita Brewing Company - Waking Dream - India Pale Ale

We’re so excited to introduce Casita Brewing Company! Their name means “little house” in Spanish, but they’re doing some BIG things in the craft world.

They just opened at the start of September, which makes them one of the youngest breweries on Tavour. But, they’re no strangers to the art of craft beer — these former nomads spent the last 14 years brewing all over the world, in places like Denmark, England, and Vermont!

Now, they’re inviting you to a lazy Sunday brunch with their velvety smooth “breakfast IPA,” Waking Dream. This brew boasts a noteworthy hop bill of Citra, Simcoe, Amarillo, and Columbus Hops, along with real orange zest, loads of oats, and creamy lactose.

Tropical flavors of mangoes, oranges, and papayas dance on the tongue, mingled with the scent of invigorating pine. The oats and malt add notes of freshly baked bread and a luxuriously soft mouthfeel, so it tastes like washing down a homemade biscuit with a glass of fresh OJ!

It’s as easy drinking as a brunch cocktail, and could easily replace your Sunday morning mimosa!


Tombstone Brewing Company - All the Hops Double IPA

If you haven’t heard of Tombstone Brewing yet, you might want to add them to your list of must-visit breweries in 2021, for at least two reasons:

Reason #1: They’re brewing in a town with real American roots — back in the Wild, Wild West days, the infamous gunfight at the O.K. Corral took place just a couple blocks from where the brewery stands today. 

Reason #2: They brew 5 of the 10 highest-rated IPAs (of all styles) in Arizona on Untappd. Which plays no small part in why the craft geeks at The Beer Travel Guide rave that Tombstone is one of Arizona’s Best Breweries.

And, as of right now, their All The Hops Double IPA is THE highest rated IPA in all of Arizona on UT! 

The Arizona hop specialists realized that their hand-picked selections of Galaxy, Mosaic, Simcoe, and Citra would be far tastier together than separate. So, they stacked all 4 varieties to create this potent, ambrosial Double IPA — not a single fruit necessary!

The first taste reveals hefty scoops of tangy orange sherbet, peach sorbet, some lemon crisp ice cream, and finally, a scoop of mango gelato! And then, it tastes like the whole treat got topped with little white gummy bears and bits of candied pineapple.


BlackStack Brewing - Free Strata - Imperial New England IPA

With access to brews like today’s Free Strata from BlackStack Brewing, it’s amazing that anyone in St. Paul, Minnesota gets anything done.

When we first tried this 10% ABV juicebomb, we got so wrapped up in its 100% Strata Hop dankness that we totally forgot about the booze and each sucked down 2 cans in 45 minutes. Needless to say, that called for an afternoon nap on the couch. 

What do you expect? This brew’s flavors of fresh squeezed OJ, ruby red grapefruit, dank papaya, and tropical passionfruit hide that massive ABV so well, we just couldn’t put the pint down! 

And, judging by the eye-catching 4.36 on Untappd, there are plenty of folks who can’t stop sipping. Just check out some of the comments:

  • “BlackStack IPAs are elite and this is no different.” @Corey K.
  • “Another BlackStack homerun!” @Adam G.
  • “Honestly don’t even know how to rate these anymore. Every BlackStack TIPA I have makes me even more of a snob.” @daddyborch.

More Brewing Company - Loose Candies - Imperial New England IPA

They tell us trick-or-treating is canceled this year. They also tell us we’re too old to go trick-or-treating. But, it’s all good — we’re getting festive anyway with some adults-only candies!

We’re referring, of course, to the double dry-hopped delicacies that make today’s double dry-hopped Loose Candies NEIPA from More Brewing so tasty.

There’s zesty orange and grapefruity Citra Hops, juicy mango and stonefruity El Dorado Hops, and passionfruity Vic Secret Hops. These tropical treats come costumed and ready to party in a big ol’ lush body of haze! 

And, once you’re  a few sips into this 8.4% ABV hop candy, you’ll start to see the silver lining of Halloween’s socially distant celebration this year. No parties and no trick-or-treating means you don’t have to share! 

If any kiddos in costumes do come along, you can safely say, “Hands off, you ghouls! These Loose Candies are for grownups!” 


Full Circle Brewing - Oranges 'n Cream Illa - Milkshake IPA

Imagine you took a truckload of orange creamsicle ice cream bars and blended them into a creamy Milkshake IPA… 

Remove all the wooden sticks first, of course — we’re not animals! But, just think about how luscious the brew would be!

You don’t have to dreamsicle about this creamsicle any longer. We snagged a small batch of Full Circle’s most popular brew, Oranges ‘n Cream Illa, and it tastes just like the silky, tangy ice cream swirl you remember as a kid. 

It's so sought after, the first batch sold out at their taproom in just a few hours! The brewers had to quickly make more to keep up with the demand!

Swing by Full Circle on release day, and you’ll often hear fans raving, “I don't even like beer, and I love this!”

Here’s your shot at a creamsicle Milkshake IPA, no ice cream truck needed.  


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