Each week on the Tavour app, we highlight top-notch beers from independent craft breweries across the U.S. — and sometimes even from abroad! Here are just a few of the delectable Stouts we shared with beer lovers recently. Have you scheduled your beer delivery yet?

White Elm Brewing Company - Double Stuffed - Imperial Milk Stout

This Imperial Milk Stout is strictly for chocolate lovers — IT’S OREO TIME!

The reason this Double Stuffed Oreo-inspired brew is so dark and decadent is that the brewers at White Elm use black onyx cocoa powder. 

It’s a high-end, Dutch-processed cocoa powder that’s alkalized to extremes, resulting in a richer, more complex, bittersweet flavor than ordinary cocoa powder.

Pastry Stout fans want the whole bag of Oreos, double-stuffed with that thicker-than-a-Snicker white frosting. White Elm’s Double Stuffed Stout blends the black onyx cocoa powder with real vanilla, creamy lactose, and graham cracker crumbles to deliver that nostalgic flavor you remember from your cookie-dunking days.

Drinking this beer will take you back to memories of chocolate-covered teeth and milk mustaches. 

River North Brewery - Whiskey Barrel Aged Nightmare Fuel (2020) - Imperial Stout

Just in time for Halloween, comes the stuff nightmares are made of: Whiskey Barrel Aged Nightmare Fuel (2020) from River North. This decadent Imperial Stout comes with an almost frightening 12.9% ABV that’ll have you weaving blood-curdling tales!

To craft this year’s edition, the Colorado brewers partnered with local coffee maker Logan House Coffee, adding two of their special, most terrifying roasts to the brew before aging it in whiskey barrels for 6 to 9 months. 

On the nose, this black-as-midnight Stout is an ambrosial bouquet of creamy mocha fudge, dark roast coffee, roasted nuts, and caramel. The velvety texture envelops your tongue like a coffin of oaky vanilla and bready malt. A hint of whiskey haunts your taste buds as subtly as an undiscovered ghost in the attic.

Craft aficionado @branham1989 rates it a spine-chilling 4.75 on BeerAdvocate, calling it “one of the best whiskey barrel aged stouts I’ve ever had.” 

So go ahead, crack one open by the light of the full moon and let the nuanced flavors come to the forefront as it warms. You could even bring it with you into the shower — just watch out for shadowy figures lurking around the corner. 

Main & Mill Brewing Company - Waffle Cone Neapolitan - Imperial Stout

Hot take: Neapolitan ice cream is the BEST ice cream.

In a single scoop, waves of vivacious vanilla swim alongside swells of ripe strawberry and a layer of luxe chocolate. 

It’s the ultimate, three-for-one deal! And, with each sumptuous sip of Main & Mill’s Waffle Cone Neapolitan Imperial Stout, you can fully indulge in all that silky goodness, with a boozy 10.5% ABV bonus. Hubba, hubba.

These skillful brewers use loads of vibrant strawberries, craveworthy vanilla beans, and opulent cocoa nibs to generate all the delectable flavors of the classic confection. 

On the finish, hints of caramelized sugar and bakers chocolate from the Imperial Stout base enhance the creamy soft-serve flavor. It’s like biting into a homemade waffle cone piled high with scoops of Neapolitan gelato that was made fresh in a classic Italian bakery!

Mikkeller Brewing San Diego - Beer Geek Peanut Butter Shake - Imperial Pastry Stout

The Beer Geek series put Mikkeller on the map. 

Not just any map — Food & Wine named the 2X Danish Brewery of the Year one of the Most Important Breweries from Europe! You can find their brews all over the top style rankings on BeerAdvocate.

The newest addition to Mikkeller’s Beer Geek Imperial Stout lineup is called Peanut Butter Shake, and its creamy depths flow with luxurious nuttiness!  

In addition to peanut butter, the brewers amped up this silky creation with coffee and cocoa nibs. Chocolate-swirled peanut butter greets the palate upfront, leading to deep layers of roasty espresso. It’s like a mocha blended with Reese’s Pieces! 

With all these desserty flavors, that 11.8% ABV sips down shockingly smooth, too. The boozy warmth is there, but it remains subtle until you’re about halfway down the can.  

On that note, it’s a good idea to save this sipper for the end of a long day. Then, you can bask in its layered decadence all night!

Junkyard Brewing Company - Midnight Spider - Imperial Pastry Stout

Have you ever noticed how some snacks taste much more satisfying in the middle of the night?

Take Rocky Road ice cream, for example. There’s something so deliciously wicked about sneaking into the kitchen at midnight and taking slow, sweet spoonfuls, straight from the carton. 

Midnight Spider from Junkyard Brewing is even more satisfying than a sugary nighttime rendezvous. 

These candy kings brewed this decadent Imperial Stout with roasted barley, then conditioned it with cocoa nibs, toasted black walnuts, and 60 lbs per batch of real jumbo marshmallows. Each thick, velvety sip is like savoring a scoop of slightly melted Rocky Road. 

And, thanks to its belly-warming 11.6% ABV, you won’t have to share THIS dessert with the kids.

Chocolate lovers are rating this boozy milkshake an impressive 4.26 on Untappd! Craft fan @Zack M. raves, “Pure rocky road ice cream. Like shoving spoonfuls of malty goodness down your throat. Stellar. Toffee, marshmallow, black walnuts!”

So go ahead, treat yourself to this marshmallowy midnight snack. But fair warning, if you do — it comes in a colossal 750 ml can. 

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