Each week on the Tavour app, we highlight top-notch beers from independent craft breweries across the U.S. — and sometimes even from abroad! Here are just a few of the crushable IPAs we shared with beer lovers this week. Have you scheduled your beer delivery yet?

Narrow Gauge Brewing Company - King Fallen Flag - Imperial New England IPA

Like Charlemagne or Tutankhamen, King Fallen Flag truly does rule. Just check out this regal resume:

Royal Ratings: This IPA kneels for no one! With a massive 4.42 rating, it’s one of the Top 15 Imperial New England IPAs in the World on Untappd! Fans on BeerAdvocate have also crowned this juicebomb as one of the best — it owns a 95/100 World Class score.

Heroic Hops: The brewers at Narrow Gauge used enough Citra and Mosaic Hops to fill a castle’s courtyard. So, if you’re lucky enough to lay siege to this palace, you’d better be prepared for...

Formidable Flavors: Crack the can, and it smells like a juicy blend of every citrus fruit from the finest royal orchard — ruby red grapefruit, blood orange, lemon zest, and tangy tangerine. On the sip, you’ll discover ripe peach, drippy mango, and a solid pop of piney resin on the finish. And, it’s all wrapped up in a body that’s softer than a flowing, velvet cape.

The crew at Narrow Gauge are certainly Hazy royalty in our book, and next year, they’ll be moving from their tiny basement location to more palatial digs. Which means, they’ll more than double capacity!

Until then, these brews are only available to a fortunate few — scoring a sip without heading to Missouri practically makes you IPA royalty. 

Equilibrium Brewery - Fractal Vic Secret - IPA

Two row barley, Vic Secret Hops, water, and yeast. 

That’s the entire ingredient list for the dank and fruity Fractal Vic Secret, so you know all the peach and pineapple notes of this Australian hop are on full display.

You don’t need an advanced degree to wrap your head around that recipe — but it helps. Fortunately, Pete Oates of Equilibrium Brewery actually holds a Ph.D. from MIT. So, he’s basically a mad beer scientist. Like a hop-obsessed Dr. Frankenstein.

We should all thank Pete for leaving his career as an engineer and applying his scientific knowledge to beer. 

When he opened Equilibrium, New York craft fans practically stormed the brewery like villagers surrounding Frankenstein’s castle. According to Pete, “when we first started canning, we’d open the doors in the morning, and there would be 300 people waiting for our beer!”

This is only the second time Equilibrium has released Fractal Vic Secret. Pete even flew to Australia to pick out the finest hops himself, just so he could stitch them together into this delicious creation. 

From the first sip, fresh-squeezed OJ flavors flash across the palate like lightning, followed by rumbling notes of grapefruit, passionfruit, and mango. Earthy resin and hints of pine slowly rise from the ultra-smooth finish, lingering long after the sip.

YaYa Brewing Company - DDH Fluffy Puffy Sunshine - New England IPA

Double the Shiny Hops: Brewed with “a sh*tload” of tangerine-flavored Citra and tropically fruity El Dorado Hops. Then, double dry-hopped with those same hops for even more potent pineapple and OJ flavor! Softer than Sunshine: A massive dose of flaked oats makes the mouthfeel softer than a baby bunny. 

Before opening their spot in Spokane, Washington, brothers and co-founders Chris and Jason Gass of YaYa Brewing learned the art of haze from some of the best in the game. 

Jason worked at Maine’s beloved Austin Street Brewing, and while developing their hop skills, Chris and Jason got to bounce ideas off their friends at Foundation, Battery Steele, and Bissel Brothers!

It’s no wonder their thick and citrus-juicy DDH Fluffy Puffy Sunshine tastes like it came straight out of New England. 

And now, you have a chance to taste it before any of your buddies have even heard of YaYa. These guys are still flying super low under the Hazy radar, even in Washington.

Moonraker Brewing Co. - Atomic Betty - Imperial New England IPA

Mysterious Hops: Prepare for an ultra-juicy blend of Galaxy and Citra Hops! Boozy Espionage: Dive into a river of lush, tropical pineapples, mango kush dankness, and invigorating pine, along with a stealthy 8.5% ABV!

We love spy movies, especially the epic climax at the end: a victim is tied to a chair, their heart beating wildly in fear. Beside the chair is an ominous black box with a glowing red light that steadily goes, “beep . . . beep . . . beep . . .”

Suddenly, the secret agent arrives! He dashes to the chair, cuts the victim free, and deactivates the bomb before the villain can follow through with his evil plan!

Once they’ve run to safety, each of them cracks open a can of delicious Atomic Betty to celebrate their victory! After all, craft fan @Dan M. says it’s “the only atomic thing that could create world peace.”

This explosive brew is coming to you from California’s Moonraker Brewing, who Thrillist praises for having some of the hottest IPAs in America!

We can’t guarantee that Atomic Betty will give you a fancy sports car with an invisibility cloak. But, each juicy sip may make you want to don a tailored suit and stroll into rooms with confidence oozing from your fingertips!

2Toms Brewing Co. - Chong - New England IPA

If your mind immediately jumped to an image of Cheech & Chong — bleary-eyed and lighting up in a smoke-filled car — when you saw this beer, your head’s in the right place. The iconic duo inspired today’s juicebomb. Particularly Chong!

2Toms Brewing strives to make beers that treat you to a “flavor experience,” and between us, this experience is even more enjoyable than partaking in Chong’s favorite pastime. 

One can of Chong IPA, and we don’t want to do anything except kick back, relax and think about life, man! That, and how exactly 2Toms made a NEIPA that is akin to passing by the neighborhood dive bar when the local Willie Nelson tribute band is playing. 

A combination of Cashmere, Eureka, and Strata Hops gives this pour an enveloping dankness — like stepping foot inside a venue and being greeted by a plume of haze from the doobies that light up as the band takes the stage. The earthy flavor is offset by a hint of lime zest and ripe melon. The bitterness of grapefruit rind at the end keeps things nice and groovy. 

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