Each week on the Tavour app, we highlight top-notch beers from independent craft breweries across the U.S. — and sometimes even from abroad! Here are just a few of the sought-after IPAs we shared with beer lovers recently. Have you scheduled your beer delivery yet?

Equilibrium Brewery - Energy Equals

When we got MC^2 IPA from Equilibrium Brewery a couple of months back, you guys absolutely flipped for it. That beer earned a sky-high 4.44 on Tavour!

Well, sharpen your #2 Pencils, because we have the other half of that juicy equation: Energy Equals Imperial IPA

Our physics skills are a little rusty, but we’re pretty sure this Hazy really can help us unravel the secrets of the universe, just like Einstein’s famous equation (which we definitely understand). Even the seasoned palates over at October Magazine were blown away:

“While the word ‘juicy’ is synonymous with New England IPAs, this definitely ups the ante. Each sip is like sneaking bites from a container of pre-cut mango before you even get to the checkout aisle.”

We think that’s spot on, except they left out the flavors of tangy tangerine and dank papaya!

To create it, the crew at Equilibrium used the same top-secret hopbill as MC^2, and used a mysterious process they call ‘energy dry-hopping.’ They keep the process just as secret as the recipe, but head brewer and co-founder Pete Oates is an actual scientist with a PhD from MIT, so we figure he knows what he’s doing. 

It sure tastes like he does!

Sun Lab Brewing - A Different Buzzzz New England IPA

Get lucky enough to spot Sun Lab crafting one of their bi-monthly, never-before-seen, nano-batch releases, and it might knock your socks off!

Their fans drink them up like they’ve never tasted anything as good before! 

You can get a taste of their innovative skills in A Different Buzzzz IPA

To give it a bright and potent fruit flavor, the brewers double dry-hopped with juicy orange Citra, tangy, peppery grapefruit Sorachi Ace, and rarely seen, lemon-spiced Kazbek Hops! 

They amp up the hop notes with real orange zest and honey for an extra pop of citrus and a kiss of sweetness.

Modist Brewing Co. - Rhinestone Eyes Imperial IPA

“This beer is “exciting & dangerous...I would avoid making eye contact with this beer if it passed me on a poorly lit city block.” @S.K. 

We totally agree. Rhinestone Eyes DDH DIPA has the kind of dangerous levels of deliciousness that feel like they’ve come out of a Noir detective novel!

First, the brewers at Modist thicken the brew’s plot with the rich character of Golden Promise malts, flaked oats, and malted wheat for a sleuthy-smooth backbone and mouthfeel.

This is just a red-herring. The real flavors in need of savoring are all the hand-selected double dry-hopped Citra, Citra Cryo and Galaxy! These lush beauties would tempt any gumshoe investigative taster to get tangled in their tropical passionfruit and juicy peach blush, orange-zest plot twists, and seemingly innocent, ripe melon undertones.

It’s good...maybe a little TOO good.

Parish Brewing Co - Attacus Atlas Imperial New England IPA

Parish Brewing blew us away when they described Attacus Atlas as their “biggest IPA ever.”

For those who haven’t heard, this Louisiana crew makes some of the top IPAs in the nation! Food & Wine even named their Ghost in the Machine one of the Best IPAs in America and credited it with putting the tiny town of Broussard on the craft map.

But, like craft fanatic @Andrew W. puts it, “If anyone could pull off that feat, it’s Parish.” And sure enough, today’s Attacus Atlas is one beast of a hopbomb. The brewers dry-hopped it with more than 6 lbs per barrel of hand-selected Australian Galaxy, then wrapped it all in a body-rocking 9% ABV

The result is scrumptiously juicy, overflowing with passionfruit, peach, and fresh-cut orange flavors. The booziness is there, though it’s deliciously masked with a backbone of ruby red grapefruit and resinous pine. With every sip, we find ourselves descending further into one hugely lush, tropical wonderland. 

Pure Project - Pure West IPA

When people think of unfiltered IPAs, the crisp, pine-forward West Coast-style IPA is usually excluded. If only everyone could get a taste of Pure Project’s masterful Pure West IPA — we bet they’d beg for more unfiltered West Coast hopbombs! 

Using a hand-selected trifecta of Mosaic, Citra, and Simcoe Hops, the brewers expertly coaxed out enticing tropical notes and subtle strokes of pine. Then left the brew unfiltered to really capture the fruit notes these hops have to offer, as well as wrap it all in a luscious coat of haze!

Flavors of tangerine zest, white grape, and mango skins reveal themselves upfront in every sip. Whispers of florals and pine swirl in on the backend for a clean finish, making it clear that even with the dank tropicality and glimmer of haze, this is, in fact, a West Coast IPA at its core. 

Of course, it’s usually only local fans who even have a shot at beautiful brews like this. The GABF medalists at Pure Project are brand-new to Tavour, but they’re a San Diego staple that rarely sends their creations outside the area.


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