Tavour always had a clear mission: support independent craft breweries and build a community of like-minded beer lovers. And we’ve never wavered from that.

Now, in this unpredictable and difficult time, that mission is more important than ever. That’s why, starting March 20, 2020 we are releasing a new box on the Tavour app each week to showcase just a few of the talented breweries we work with.

The goal? To stand together and support these indie businesses in a time of crises, when even tomorrow is unknown. And with each curated selection, we can all come together while enjoying a lineup from some of our favorite breweries across the country.

Purchases of each box will benefit the breweries featured in the box. In addition, each box will donate $5 to help the fight for legislation that makes it easy for independent breweries to serve their fans, without the burdens of unfair rules that hinder their growth.

Each week a new box(s) will be released on the Tavour app!

This Weeks Box(s):


Previous Box(s):

Hoppy Hour IPA Box. Shared on the Tavour app Saturday April 18th


  1. Straight Hash Homie Imperial IPA - Lupulin Brewing
  2. Pulp Daddy Imperial IPA - Greater Good Imperial Brewing Company
  3. Sky Kraken APA - Fremont Brewing
  4. Paper Boy IPA - Masthead Brewing Company
  5. Orange Cream Marbles IPA - More Brewing Company
  6. Sammy was Low Imperial IPA  - SingleCut Beersmiths

Donating to: Washington Brewers Guild

Fruit Box. Shared on the Tavour app Friday April 17th


  1. Secret Machine Imperial Cranberry Guava Sour Ale - Dewey Beer Company
  2. Smoofee Sour - Strawberry Guava Pineapple - The Brewing Projekt
  3. Perpetuation Sour Ale - Urban Family Brewing
  4. Hounds of Love Helles Lager - Woodland Empire Ale Craft
  5. Kaleidoscope Fruit Beer - Urban Artifact

Donating to: Ohio Craft Brewers Association

Hippity HOPS Box. Shared on the Tavour app Friday April 10th


  1. Surf Wax IPA - Burial Beer Co.
  2. Charlatan APA - Maplewood Brewery
  3. Dance 'Til You're Dead Imperial IPA - Resident Culture Brewing Company
  4. Lotus DDH Juicy Bits IPA - WeldWerks Brewing Co
  5. Gravestones Imperial IPA - Anchorage Brewing Co
  6. Hazy Life Imperial IPA - Revision Brewing Company

Donating to: North Carolina Craft Brewers Guild

Lagers 4 Life Box. Shared on the Tavour app Thursday April 9th


  1. Hell Lager - Wayfinder Beer
  2. Urban Underdog Lager - Urban Chestnut Brewing
  3. #6 Classic American Lager - Urban Chestnut Brewing
  4. PILS - Heater Allen Brewing
  5. Lager - Little Beast Brewing
  6. Golden Pilsner - Fremont Brewing

Donating to: Oregon Brewers Guild

Yay for IPA Box. Shared on the Tavour app Friday April 3rd


  1. Shower in the Brewhouse IPA- J. Wakefield Brewing
  2. Sticky Hands IPA- Block 15 Brewing
  3. Zonk Imperial IPA - Grimm Artisan Ales
  4. Tubular IPA - Orono Brewing
  5. Space Junk IPA - Modist Brewing
  6. Electric Lettuce Imperial IPA - Moonraker Brewing

Donating to: Bay Area Brewers Guild

The Fruit Loot Box. Shared on the Tavour app Thursday April 2nd


  1. SIPS Grenache and Raspberry Berliner Weisse - Parish Brewing
  2. Orange Drank Sour - The Brewing Projekt
  3. Mango Lassi Berliner Weisse - Crane Brewing
  4. Braaaaaaaains Blueberry and Red Currant Sour - Drekker Brewing
  5. Marble of Doom IV Sour - KCBC
  6. Does Watermelon and Pomegranate Really Work? Gose - Evil Twin Brewing

Donating to: New York State Brewers Association

Stout Lovers Box. Shared on the Tavour app Friday March 27th


  1. Abuse of Stout Imperial Stout - Destination Unknown Brewing
  2. NecroGenesis Imperial Stout - Adroit Theory Brewing
  3. Double Stuffed Imperial Stout - White Elm Brewing
  4. Vanilla Avarice Imperial Stout - River North Brewing
  5. French Toast (2020-1) Imperial Stout - Hubbard's Cave Brewing
  6. Coconut Macaroon Imperial Stout - 903 Brewers

Donating to: Virginia Craft Brewers Guild

Cross Country Hops Box. Shared on the Tavour app Thursday March 26th


  1. Fruit Slave Imperial IPA - Illuminated Brew Works
  2. Causal Continuum Hazy IPA - Resident Culture Brewing
  3. Mosaic Crush IPA - Reuben's Brews
  4. Homestyle Double IPA - Bearded Iris Brewing
  5. Revised Copy IPA - 4 Noses Brewing
  6. Vessel of Brass Imperial IPA - Holy Mountain Brewing

Donating to: Tennessee Craft Brewers Guild

IPAs from Coast to Coast Box. Shared on the Tavour app Friday March 20th


  1. Street Sodie New England-Style IPA - 4 Hands Brewing + Shared Brewing
  2. DDH Fairy Nectar London Hazy IPA - Kros Strain Brewing
  3. Greed Triple IPA - Anchorage Brewing Co
  4. Double Pillow Imperial New England IPA - Common Roots Brewing
  5. Wandering Thoughts Imperial IPA - Exhibit ‘A’ Brewing
  6. Extra! Extra! Imperial New England IPA - Masthead Brewing

Donating to: The Brewers Association