Each week on the Tavour app, we highlight top-notch beers from independent craft breweries across the U.S. — and sometimes even from abroad! Here are just a few of the sought-after IPAs we shared with beer lovers recently. Have you scheduled your beer delivery yet?

Hubbard's Cave - Fresh IIPA V49

Fresh IIPA V49 marks the first time we’ve tasted Styrian Dragon and Styrian Wolf Hops in ANY beer! 

Yes, these hops sound like they belong to the families on Game of Thrones. They’re actually very new — and very rare — Slovenian varieties with some pretty epic floral and berry flavors, punctuated with notes of tropical citrus. 

To deepen the complexity even further, the Hubbard’s Cave crew brewed the Styrian varieties alongside a helping of Simcoe Hops. And, wow! The result is a very smooth IIPA that spills grapefruit-rose aromas and flows with red berry, tangerine, and fresh pine flavors. It finishes with a cleansing, delectable bitterness that leaves you wanting more. 

Aslin Beer Company - Master of Karate - Imperial IPA

1st Place Flavors: This glass of hoppy POG juice floods the palate with flavors of drippy mango, pithy grapefruit, and luscious blood orange harmonized with lip-puckering lime and dank papaya, ALL from the hops. Hop Karate Chop: A kick of Mosaic, Galaxy, and Amarillo Hops create an ultra-tropical, fruity experience. 

This action-packed Master of Karate DIPA has so many zesty flavors hidden in its juicy pour, we like to think Chuck Norris himself generated the muscle power behind it. 

He hit it hard with layer upon layer of powerful, fruit-forward hopjuice until it transformed into one succulent concoction. Then, to disguise its tropical thunder, he wrapped it in a stealthy-smooth, velvety soft mouthfeel!

Of course, our guy Chuck didn’t actually make today’s hopbomb. This 8.4% ABV black-belt-of-a-brew comes from the craft ninjas at Aslin!

The beer experts at PorchDrinking.com celebrate this crew as a “supernova in the North Virginia brew scene.” And, according to the Washington Post, Aslin makes some of the area’s “best and buzziest craft beers!”

Heist Brewery - Stratasfaction - Imperial New England IPA

Mick Jagger famously “can’t get no satisfaction.” But, did you know that he also can’t get no Stratasfaction?

Because Mick lives in jolly old England, and brews from Heist are tough to find outside of Charlotte, North Carolina. Even rockstars don’t have a shot at this juicebomb!

The locals just drink them too fast! Especially when the beer in question is a beloved Hazy with a loyal following of juiceheads. AND a 4.19 Untappd rating. 

This 100% Strata-hopped brew overflows with aromas of drippy mango, tropical passionfruit, and tangy tangerine. The cannabis-like note of dank melon that Strata is famous for wafts across everything like you’re in the parking lot at a rock concert.

As @Jay S. says, it’s like “drinking a glass of alcohol-infused fruit juice.” 

Imagine Nation Brewing Co. - Liminal Space - All Citra - New England IPA

Ask any hophead about their favorite hop varieties, and Citra is almost always a top 3 contender. 

Beer geeks LOVE these hops because they’re so darn expressive. When it comes to adding a potent layer of juicy fruit flavor to a brew, Citra really takes things the extra mile.

And, in the case of Liminal Space - All Citra, those tangy, clementine flavors adored by hopheads go from here all the way to next week!

The Montana Hazy IPA masters at Imagine Nation craft this juicy New England-style IPA using 4.5 lbs of Citra and Citra Cryo Hops per barrel. That’s roughly double the amount of hops in any average IPA! 

Every smooth sip is a fruit basket stuffed to the brim with oranges, bright mangoes, and punchy passionfruit, all amid a very low bitterness. 

If you’re a hophead looking for your next citrusy fix, Liminal Space All Citra is it! 

Stellwagen Beer Company - Unicorn Rides - Imperial New England IPA




This is how craft fans on the East Coast describe the experience of Unicorn Rides from Stellwagen

Stellwagen’s juicebombs have already earned the small-town, Massachusetts brewery shout-outs from The Boston Globe and Eater. But, of all their Juicy IPAs, East Coasters will tell you that Unicorn Rides is the stand-out!

For seekers of undiscovered, legendary hopjuice, this hazy pony is the real deal.

The brewers crafted Unicorn Rides with a full load of Nelson Sauvin, Citra, and Mosaic Hops, so it bucks with tropical fruit juice flavor. When you climb aboard this 7.7% ABV stallion, prepare to be whisked away on a rainbow of citrusy sweet mandarin and ripe pineapple, with hints of juicy mango and gentle pine.

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