If you’re having a hard time finding every beer style you desire in your local shops, check out the treasure trove of options on our craft beer delivery app.  

The Brewers Association recognizes 89 beer styles, and there are plenty of new hybrids that haven’t earned their ‘official’ status yet. Many of these styles can be quite hard to track down, but here are 6 hard-to-find beer styles often featured on Tavour:


A Schwarzbier is a German-style Black Beer or Dark Lager.

Brewers typically make them light and drinkable with an ABV around 5%. They often boast notes of chocolate-covered toffee and roasted malts, similar to eating a Heath bar or an Almond Roca while sipping a cup of coffee.  

Look out for Tavour member-favorite Schwarzbiers and Black Lagers from Heater Allen Brewing, Kings County Brewers Collective, Block 15 Brewing, and more.

Slushy Sour

When a brewery adds so much fruit to a Sour Ale that it becomes as thick as a Jamba Juice smoothie, many brewers and fans call them Slushy Sours. They come in all sorts of fruity flavors; some resemble pie filling, others melted popsicles, and a few taste like homemade jam.  

Some of the most requested Slushy Sours on Tavour are from Drekker Brewing, 903 Brewers, and The Brewing Projekt

Farmhouse Ale

The term ‘Farmhouse Ale’ is used synonymously with Saison. However, most brewers make Farmhouse Ales using wild yeast, and many of them are even spontaneously fermented using an open tank and/or wild terroir captured from the air. 

These wild cultures can add notes of barnyard funk as well as rustic doughiness, earthy character, and tart, stone fruit flavors. 

Farmhouse Ales are quite popular on the app, and we’d recommend trying any that you spot from Side Project Brewing, Fair Isle Brewing, or Jester King Brewery

British Barleywine

A British Barleywine has all of the boozy vanilla-caramel notes of its American counterpart, except it’s much less aggressively hopped. So, the British version tends to be sweeter, with less bitterness, earthiness, or fruit flavor than the American. 

Despite its U.K. origin, many of today’s top British-style Barleywines are made right here in the states. Some of Tavour’s best sellers in the style come from Fremont Brewing, Anchorage Brewing, and Hoppin’ Frog Brewery

Sour IPA

If it’s too tart to be a regular IPA and too hopped-up to be a Sour Ale, it could very well be a Sour IPA. 

To make Sour IPAs, brewers tend to start with an IPA base. They often dry hop it to pull the fruity flavors from the hops without getting much bitterness, but occasionally you’ll find a Sour IPA that’s been hopped in the whirlpool and delivers a bitter or resinous bite on the finish.  

The magic behind Sour IPAs is that sour cultures and often real fruit amplify the fruity hop notes to balance sweetness with tartness. 

Sour IPA experts often seen on Tavour include Aslin Beer Company, Interboro Spirits & Ales, and Trap Door Brewing.

Golden Stout

Stouts normally range in color from dark brown to pitch black, but not Golden Stouts! Brewers keep their color light and often blonde by using non-roasted malts. In order to create the roasty notes Stout fans love, brewers sometimes use coffee or other coffee-flavored ingredients that can add the flavor without darkening the color of the pour. 

Some breweries make Pastry Stouts and Fruited Stouts in the Golden Stout-style to add decadent flavor that doesn’t have to compete against the bitterness of roasted malts. We’ve even seen a purple ‘Golden Stout’ made with blueberries and vanilla to replicate pie flavors! 

Golden Stouts are a rare find, even on Tavour, but some Golden Stout brewers to look out for include Illuminated Brew Works, Legal Remedy Brewing, and Noble Ale Works

Good luck on your quest to try every craft beer style ever made.  Check the app regularly as different types pop up all the time!