Many of us get a bit down when the weather gets cold, and sunny days are fewer. While you might be tempted to just hunker down and wait for spring like some kind of hibernating bear, you do have better options as a craft beer fan. Beyond the usual heavy-hitting Stouts and Winter Ales lining local store shelves this season, beer delivery provides an opportunity to step outside the box. Today’s craft beer movement brims with bright and tropical brews that’ll melt away winter fatigue!

It’s time to crank up the heat and pop out a beach chair next to the beer fridge. Clever craft fans can create a vacation through their beer delivery by looking for sunny sippers like these:

The Summer Throwback

There might not be any time machine that can “reverse” the calendar to summer, but diving into a pillowy-soft juicebomb like Bearded Iris’ Reverse Reverse Triple IPA is the next best thing! Craft drinkers hold these Nashville brewers in high esteem for their expertly crafted IPAs that weave in Southern flavors, and Reverse Reverse is a prime example. They brew this lush sipper with Strata, Sabro, and Citra Hops for vibrant expressions of ripe melon and pithy grapefruit.

Even with its surprisingly boozy 9.5% ABV, this hopbomb is smooth throughout. It’s reminiscent of eating a bowl of ripe, fresh-cut fruit out on the back porch in the sun. 

The Sultry Dessert

The holidays bombard us with so many heavy, uber-sweet treats, it’s normal to be tired of it all by January. You can freshen up your dessert choices by turning to silky, fruited brews like Strawberry Meringue Tart. Colorado’s Wiley Roots infused this delightful Sour Ale with additions of strawberries, milk sugar, and vanilla for flavors suggestive of strawberry shortcake. They also dry-hopped it with Citra for gentle citrus-forward hop bitterness that keeps this beer dessert refreshing, rather than cloying.

The Sun-Soaked Farmhouse 

The Farmhouse IPA is a relatively newer beer style, dancing between tart, funky, and hoppy. As such, it’s an ideal choice for an adventurous escape! Equilibrium’s TABA - Riwaka, for instance, boasts layers of passionfruit and grapefruit from Riwaka Hops, built on a Farmhouse base that’s dry, slightly tart, and full of funky mango and earthy honeysuckle notes. With a pop of lime flavor on the finish and a 6% ABV, the brew is super drinkable and tastier than homemade fruit punch.

The Pineapple Slushy

Folks tend to shy away from slushies in the wintertime, but that’s only because they’ve been taught that they’re summer-only beverages. But, the Texas flavor masters at 903 Brewers show that Slushy-style Sours make for quenching treats in any season! Break free from monotony with a can of velvety fruit bliss like Pineapple Upside Down Cake Slushy. It’s made with real pineapple, cherry, marshmallow, and vanilla, so it’s even more deliciously complex than anything you’d squeeze out of a convenience store setup. 

The Carnival Treat

Looking forward to days of bustling warm-weather carnivals? Us too! That’s why brews like Energy City’s Bistro Grande Pink Guava Cotton Candy are such nice surprises. Those Illinois brewers got us hooked on their Bistro series, a beer lineup that embodies a whole range of real-world sweets. The Cotton Candy edition is a particularly welcome sight during winter, and not just because of its dark pink hue. The brewers took an already summery Berliner Weisse and loaded it with pink guava and cotton candy, so it’s like a whole tropical carnival in your mouth. 

The Sporty Quencher Brouwerij West - Daewon vs. Beer Vol. 1 

India Pale Lagers have become increasingly popular over the past few years, thanks to their tasty fusion of crisp, clean Lager qualities and delectable hop bitterness. And, a rendition like Daewon vs. Beer Vol. 1 goes the extra mile when it comes to seasonal getaway. The brewers at Brouwerij West teamed up with pro skateboarder Daewon Song to fill this one with California-inspired flavors. The hops give the brew grapefruit, stone fruit, and pineapple juice notes, while the Lager base delivers a bready fullness. Shut your eyes, and each sip is like skating through a beach-side farmers market — no snow or gray skies in sight!

Craving your own tropical-tasting vacation? Check out the latest brews on the Tavour app to build your own beer delivery vacation!