The COVID-19 pandemic hit craft breweries hard all across the country, but they didn’t take it lying down. They came up with a myriad of new ways to keep slingin’ their brews to fans, and beer delivery was among the most popular. 

The concept itself isn’t particularly new — at Tavour, we’ve been doing beer delivery for years now. But, when quarantine regulations forced breweries to shutter their doors, delivery went from being a cool way to reach more fans to an absolute necessity. 

And, it’s changed the brewery experience. Taprooms and brewpubs have long been sacred hangout spots — places where co-workers meet for happy hours, friends gather for parties, and total strangers become new friends.

These things all take place virtually or in our houses now. Luckily, many breweries are working hard to bring that taproom experience to their fans at home. And, they’re finding creative ways to do it!

One example is Imagine Nation Brewing in Missoula, Montana. 

This community-center-meets-microbrewery established itself as an enchanting spot for the city’s residents a long time ago, but even during the pandemic they continue to put the people first. When the COVID-19 situation in Missoula became more severe, Imagine Nation pulled away its chairs and tables and began offering only to-go and delivery. 

The locals gladly took to it — they can now order 4-packs of Imagine Nation’s juiced-up Hazies for delivery and expect them as soon as the next morning!

Levante Brewing, too, is making their own strides in Pennsylvania through a service called Mercury

In Roman mythology, Mercury is known as the messenger to the gods. They trusted him to deliver messages with great speed and care — “just as we assure with your craft beer,” promises Levante.

Beer geeks all over Pennsylvania and D.C. can get Levante’s freshest crave-worthy brews delivered right to their home or office in about two days, thanks to Mercury. And, all it takes is a couple clicks of a button!

Other breweries, like Michigan’s Eastern Market Brewing Company, are getting even more inventive. As part of their “A Business a Day” initiative, launched by the entrepreneurial brewers to promote economic growth in their community, Eastern Market also started its own service called Peddler

Michiganders in the Detroit area can order coveted beers like Elephant Juice fresh from the brewery, seven days a week, and have it at their door in as little as two hours! And, Peddler isn’t just for ordering craft beer. Eastern Market is now using the service to support local artisans impacted by the pandemic by delivering their craft goods, from snacks and juices to candles and coffee!

These are just a few of the breweries who continue to impress us with their innovative ways of keeping in touch with fans at home. There are loads of others who deserve just as much recognition for their efforts. 

While each of them works hard to maintain a relationship with those of us at home, distribution laws often prevent them from sending beers to fans outside the state, sometimes even the city. That’s where Tavour comes in.

We urge you to support your own neighborhood breweries as much as possible. When you want an out-of-state beer delivery with something from Imagine Nation, Levante, Eastern Market — or any of the hundreds of other breweries we work with — Tavour’s got you covered!