You might think you know everything about Hazy IPAs — where they come from, what they taste like, and even the biggest names in the haze game.

Well, we bet you haven’t heard of these rising stars! They’re all small-batch — and their beers rarely leave their home states. Getting a taste is next to impossible! But, each of the following 10 breweries is making big waves on the Hazy IPA scene. 

So, buckle up and get ready to discover your new favorite!

Narrow Gauge Brewing Company Florissant, MO

Fallen Flag. Cloud City. OJ Run.

These are just a few of the endlessly juicy, impenetrably hazy IPAs that have made fans fall head over heels for this tiny Midwest brewery.

Don’t be surprised if you’ve yet to taste ‘em — Narrow Gauge is so small, they don’t even have a dedicated taproom! Instead, they brew their pillowy soft, dreamy juicebombs in the basement of a family-run restaurant called Cugino’s. And, the only way to get your hands on a beer from Narrow Gauge is to pop into Cugino’s for a bite and a pint. 

Even still, despite their small-batch status, these guys beat out legends like Other Half, WeldWerks, and Tree House to earn the title of  “Best NEIPA Brewer in the Country” in a nationwide poll, by!

Imagine Nation Brewing Company  Missoula, MT

These brewers are all about community.

In fact, they’re the first (and only) brewery in the country to house a space specifically intended to double as a community center. Their commitment to bringing people together even earned them a shout out from and the Jeanette Rankin Peacemaker Award all in the same year!

But, that’s not the only reason hazeheads from all corners of Montana flock to Imagine Nation’s taproom or why named this crew one of the Best Breweries in Montana

Nope. It’s because this husband-wife duo were the first to bring the Hazy IPA to the state with their cloudy, opaque, and supremely juicy Lupujus New England IPA series! 

And now, fans can't get enough — in fact, Imagine Nation has quickly become THE Hazy king of Big Sky Country.

Levante Brewing CompanyWest Chester, PA

West Philadelphia may have been where the Fresh Prince was born and raised, but West Chester is where Philly locals go to indulge in some of the juiciest and haziest IPAs around — at Levante Brewing, of course!

These guys are hard to find away from the East Coast, but that hasn’t stopped them from climbing to the top of the ranks with juicebombs like Tickle Parts, Citra Drink, and South Pacific Hop Cartel.

In fact, when it comes to hazies, they’re a juice storm to be reckoned with — they even defeated NE-style IPA powerhouses Tired Hands and Other Half in a blind taste test by HopCulture!

Old Nation Brewing Company  Williamston, MI

If you want to get your hands on a seriously delicious brewski, head to Michigan.

That’s where you’ll find Old Nation and their pantry of hazebombs, like M-43, Boss Tweed, and Cart Horse. 

Sure, they might be a whopping 750 miles from the birthplace of the New England style, but that hasn’t stopped them from making a juicy splash on the craft beer scene. Heck, they even caught the attention of Paste Magazine, who selected Old Nation as one of the 11 Breweries Outside of New England making New England Style IPAs

Resident Culture Brewing Co. Charlotte, NC

Why are Southern craft beer fans so excited about this little brewery?

Probably because Resident Culture has seemingly mastered the art of the New England-style juicebomb — and they’re nowhere near New England! But honestly, after tasting their juiced up quenchers like Whatever You Feel Just Dance It, Thunder Stud, and Causal Continuum, we totally get it.

And we’re not the only ones. Forbes calls Resident Culture “one of the nation’s elite breweries” and Craft Beer & Brewing named them a Breakout Brewery when they were less than 2 years old!

Modist Brewing Company Minneapolis, MN

These guys are ALWAYS running out of beer.

And, despite the fact that they just can’t keep up with demand (yep, they’re that popular) the reason you haven’t heard of them is because their pillowy soft brews — like Dreamyard and False Pattern — rarely stray more than 25 miles from the taproom!

But, they’ve still managed to impress the pants off some pretty important folks.

Like who called Modist one of the Best Breweries in Minneapolis. And the judges at the Minnesota Brewer’s Cup, who were so awestruck by Modist’s skills, they crowned them the prestigious title of “Most Innovative Brewery.” 

Drekker Brewing Company Fargo, ND

If you ever wanted to know what it’s like to drink like a viking, you gotta try a beer from Drekker.

Actually, you gotta try one of their crazy hyped Hazies, like Ectogasm, Wheez the Juice, or Freak Parade. Because, that’s what you’ll see spilling out of the pints of every fan in Drekker’s taproom — aptly named, “Brewhalla.”

And, because their mastery of the New England style has earned them fans well beyond the borders of Fargo, North Dakota. 

In fact, not only do these guys boast a pantry of medals from the Best of Craft Beer Awards and the US Open Beer Championship, but hazeheads from all over the Midwest trek 4+ hours to be one of the first in line on release days! 

Ever Grain Brewing Co.  Camp Hill, PA

They may reside in the same state as the NEIPA legends at Tired Hands, but Ever Grain’s ability to juice up even the hoppiest IPAs has shot them to the top of the ranks of the East Coast scene. 

In fact, Hazies have become their thing. Scroll through their Instagram and you’ll see page after page of pillowy soft, golden-hued juicebombs — like Juice Juicy, Doose Juice, and Blue Detour — that are ripe for the drinking.

Even the beer guzzling folks at HopCulture are mighty impressed, listing Ever Grain as one of the “Top 10 Breweries to Watch in 2020!” 

Mumford Brewing  Los Angeles, CA

Back in 2016, The New York Times wrote an article outlining a 36-hour stay in Los Angeles — what to do, where to eat, and, of course, where to snag a delicious brew.

Even though they were just one year young at the time, Mumford Brewing earned a stellar shoutout for its funky, brightly-painted taproom and standout list of Hazies, like Butterfly Scratch, One By Air, and Air Quotes.

But, the folks at NYT aren’t the only ones swooning for these SoCal natives. Mumford’s quickly becoming a major player on the NEIPA scene, earning praise from and even Forbes as a “Must Try LA Brewery!”

Structures Brewing — Bellingham, WA

Seattle might be “the place to be” but craft fans know, if you really want a taste of Washington’s award-winning beer scene, you have to head north to Bellingham.

It’s home to powerhouses like Aslan and Boundary Bay and the underground hop masters at Structures.

Their taproom and brewing capacity might be small, but these craftsters are big on hops and huge on flavor. Only 5 years on the scene and they’re already making a huge splash, thanks to epically hopped, hazy juicebombs like Fuzz, Juice on Juice, and City of Solace.

They even earned a shoutout from as a ‘Must Try Brewery’ in beer-saturated Bellingham for flavors that “will annihilate your palate in the best way.”