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Every one of your beers gets its own spotlight. Its story told in the most sincere way, just like you would describe the beer at your brewpub. In addition to highlighting the inspiration for your beer and nuances of the tasting experience, we take beautiful pictures of your beer and promote it on all our social media channels.

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WeldWerks - Juicy Bits

The best way to explain the crazy excitement around WeldWerks is this: there’s a very short list of top-rated juicebomb specialists around the country who are actually on Weldwerks’ flavor level. At last year's GABF, these Colorado hazemasters were decorated in gold like craft Olympians! Itsy Bits took Silver and Extra Extra Juicy Bits took Gold. And, the foundation of their medal-clad glory? You guessed it — Juicy Bits. After tasting this golden nectar, we think you’ll agree that this highly-rated gem is exceptional. The key to making Juicy Bits so unique comes from the brewery’s dialed-in process of adjusting the water chemistry, resulting in a pillowy-soft mouthfeel. High protein malts also lend a hand, and by leaving some sugars in the brew instead of allowing them to turn into booze, the citrus character is amped up even more. The final result is an intensely hopped beer reminiscent of fresh-pressed juice — hence the name, Juicy Bits.

Other Half - DDH all together

Hello Friend! We’re reaching out to you, one of our most dedicated Tavour supporters, to offer you first dibs on our limited stash. We are absolutely floored to share today’s Other Half IPA with you! Especially since this is the very first shot many of you have at snagging a beer from this renowned New York brewery. Their amped-up Double Dry Hopped All Together IPA is one heck of an introduction. They created the original version of this IPA to help support all the hospitality workers laid off during this difficult time — and they got over 900 other breweries involved! The project has helped raise over a million dollars, and now you can take pride in being a part of those efforts — while crushing a delicious Hazy at the same time. Other Half crafted All Together with a simple recipe that any brewery can follow, and they've been blown away by all the innovative spin-offs! As with most of Other Half’s juicebombs, the brewery made Double Dry Hopped All Together to highlight the flavor of the hops. The simple grain bill allows Citra, Mosaic, Simcoe, and Cascade Hops to really shine — and their double dry-hopping method includes two sessions with heavy helpings of hops in each. In the case of today’s pillowy-soft brew, that means 2x the hoppy, ruby red grapefruit, ripe cantaloupe, and mango kush notes — all backed by a soft citrusy bite on the finish. It’s a vibrant hop-cocktail that fans describe as “soft fruity character on the nose. Mouthfeel is smooth and creamy.” And, “tropical juicy and lightly dank.”Other Half’s most diehard fans have waited in lines for hours to get their hands on new releases in the past. And even during social distancing, they stalk the brewery’s website to be the first to try each new gem. So, today is a lucky opportunity to snag a taste!

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