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Welcome to our invite-only membership program for the biggest craft beer fans. We're recognizing you as one of the biggest champions of craft beer on Tavour.

Tavour+ provides members the ability to take their support of craft beer to the next level.  Members get early access to every beer on Tavour, exclusive Tavour+ beers not available anywhere else, and unlimited FREE shipping on crates with 12 or more beers.


Invitation Only
Support even more independent craft breweries and ship all year for free.
$119/one year
Everything from your Tavour experience plus...
Early access to every Tavour release
Exclusive beer for Tavour+ members
Unlimited FREE shipping on crates with 12 or more beers
Interested? Simply go to Profile > Settings > Manage Your Tavour+ Membership in the Tavour App and click Join Today.
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Early Access to Tavour Releases
Be the first to access every beer on Tavour. You’ll have the opportunity to purchase these beers before anyone else, ensuring that you never miss out on your favorite brews.
Exclusive Beer for Tavour+ Members
Get access to beer we've brought in just for Tavour+ members.
Unlimited FREE Shipping
Enjoy $0 shipping on all crates with 12 or more beers. This means you can enjoy the beers you love more often while saving on shipping.

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Note: Tavour+ is invitation only and cannot be forwarded to friends, family or colleagues.  Whether or not you decide to join Tavour+ or stick with the familiar Tavour experience, you can be confident you're getting the best beer in the country and helping the craft beer movement continue to thrive!

Don’t just take our word for it

Hear from some of our Tavour+ customers from 2022.
"Finally!! No more missing out on great beers because they sold out too quickly."
Rachel N.
Overton, TX
"Great way to get more of the beer I love without having to think about the shipping!"
Hunter T.
Kansas City, MO
"The membership I didn't know I needed!"
Nick T.
Vancouver, WA