Tropical Clusterf#$%!

Tropical Clusterf#$%!

What You'll Taste

Every sip overflows with tropical fruit flavors, all swimming through a tart Berliner Weiss-style base beer. The passionfruit and guava hit up front, slowly melting into pineapple notes that accentuate the pucker. Papaya gives the beer a thick, smoothie-like mouthfeel, like it came straight out of a blender.


Back Story

The brewers made this beer for what they call ‘the Pontoon lifestyle,’ which involves hanging out on boats with your buddies drinking beer.

About the Brewery

Pontoon Brewing Company

Sandy Springs, GA
Besides the buzz they’ve stirred up amongst locals in their three years since opening, Pontoon won GOLD at the 2020 US Open Beer Championships!

What the brewery has to say