Tricked Out Golf Cart

Tricked Out Golf Cart

What You'll Taste

Peach rings and banana custard are some of the pretty unique flavors the brewery is picking up, with decent but not over the top bitterness.


Back Story

Tricked Out Golf Cart is a 7% ABV India Pale Ale hopped with Citra and Riwaka a hop from New Zealand.

About the Brewery

Civil Society Brewing

Jupiter, FL
The spirit of our brewery starts with our exceptional love of beer, our unique recipes, and our strong sense of independence. We consistently strive to push the boundaries and bring a little Florida sunshine to your tongue. We are a family operation, and not because it’s cool, but because that’s who we enjoy working with, literally. Our tanks are named for family and loved ones, those who got us where we are today and who continue to support us in our crazy ideas. When we started, we never anticipated being as far as we are. We take pride in each step, each success and each mistake (yes, we have had to dump beer before). We are small, but not in our sense of possibilities. We are lofty in our goals of what we want from our hop-forward beer. It is this heritage of hard work and craft that we want to continue and pass down to our kids. We just want to win the hearts and palates of discerning beer drinkers all over.

What the brewery has to say