Slang Du Jour - Black Currant Plum Cobbler

Slang Du Jour - Black Currant Plum Cobbler

What You'll Taste

The brew pours thick and silky, wafting notes of a plum cobbler pulled straight from the oven. With every sip, it’s bright berries, drippy dark fruit, warm crumble crust, and melty vanilla ice cream, all in one.


Back Story

When Drekker drops a new Slang Du Jour Sour à la Mode, their fans go buckwild! These brews are irresistible to those with a penchant for real, fresh pastry flavor.

About the Brewery

Drekker Brewing Company

Fargo, ND
The Fargo, North Dakota squad at Drekker Brewing is a bit of a spectacle — from their lively, Viking themed Brewhalla taproom to their off the wall dessert-inspired beers. They live and brew by the mantra “Beer is FUN, act accordingly,” and it shows! Their Ectogasm IPA and Doomsday Device Double IPA are fun-tastic. Still, the crowds come for the brewery’s Sour Slushies like Braaaaaaaains Strawberry & Guava and Braaaaaaaains Raspberry & Guava, and Sour Sundaes like Chonk Raspberry & Chocolate and Chonk Strawberry & White Chocolate. Hype: Drekker won a medal for Freak Parade at the US Open Beer Championships

What the brewery has to say