What You'll Taste

Warning: you will become spellbound with this siren's irresistible blend of tropical pineapple and mango. The tart pineapple is skillfully balanced with the mango's sweetness and flavor. And although she looks like a sweet treat, they targeted an off-dry but fruit forward profile that showcases that aromas and flavors of these distinctive fruits that is "just right". a non-cloying clean finish leaves all mortal lusting for more.


Back Story

About the Brewery

Avid Cider Company

Bend, OR
AVID Cider Co. was founded as a result of the dissatisfaction with the lack of variety and excessively dry or cloyingly sweet ciders available in the market place in 2013. We saw the opportunity to create hard cider that better balances the elements of a flavor profile, and satiates our thirst for a cider that is “just right.” With our roots in Bend, Oregon, the heart of the PNW, we have the privilege of seeing our apples fresh pressed and fermenting within the same day; we are on a mission to bring out the best of the North West with our clean, natural and locally sourced cider.

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