What You'll Taste

Every sip of this luxuriously-thick, spiked fruit smoothie is jam-packed with tangy stone fruit nectar! It’s incredibly smooth, with pleasant notes of velvety vanilla that help balance out the tongue-tingling tartness.


Back Story

Apricot Midwest Fruit Tart with 3,000 pounds of apricots per batch!

About the Brewery

Urban Artifact

Cincinnati, OH
We moved into the historic St. Patrick’s Catholic Church facility in August of 2014, and opened the doors with our first beers and first music shows in April 2015. We’ve hosted live music nearly every night since then, and poured thousands of barrels of beer into your thirsty glasses. While not the first to explore the styles, we specialize in tart and wild ales, especially balanced, heavily fruited ales.

What the brewery has to say