Green Plastic Watering Can DDH IIPA

Green Plastic Watering Can DDH IIPA

What You'll Taste

Every sip overflows with lush pineapple, tangy nectarine, and ripe melon. You may even detect a note of peppery spice hiding in the pithy finish of this full-bodied brew!


Back Story

Radiohead fans probably perked up as soon as they saw the name of this brew. Rest assured, there are no Fake Plastic Trees anywhere near this DIPA. The only ‘trees’ in this 4.22 rated brew are the piles of hops the brewers used to make it so tropically delicious!

About the Brewery

SingleCut Beersmiths

Astoria, NY
“Mastery knows no shortcut.” That the idea behind SingleCut since the brewery first opened its doors back in 2012. The hip, Astoria, Queens team uses a perfectionist eye to stay at the top tier of a booming NYC craft beer mecca full of highly sought-after breweries. SingleCut stands out as part of a shortlist of microbreweries across the country that brew in horizontal Lagering tanks. The tanks provide a greater surface area, which gives the suspended yeast more room. Happy yeast equals cleaner, crisper, more consistent Lagers that take less time to create. Even with an outstanding arsenal of Lagers under their belts, including taproom favorite 19-33 Pilsner, the brewers are best known for their Hazy IPAs, like 2x TNT Bon Bon and Softly Spoken Magic Spells, which fans include in the same convo as IPAs from SingleCut’s adored neighbors Other Half, Evil Twin, and Grimm. Hype: Everyone from Craft Beer & Brewing to Gear Patrol to calls Singlecut one of the Best Breweries in NYC.

What the brewery has to say