Chasing Visions of Our Future (Ghost 1022)

Chasing Visions of Our Future (Ghost 1022)

What You'll Taste

This one is pillowy + semi-sweet body w/ notes of ripe Clementine + Grapefruit and a mesmerizing aroma of tropical fruits, with mild finishing bitterness.⁠


Back Story

About the Brewery

Adroit Theory Brewing Company

Purcellville, VA
Sure, every Adroit brew may come with a name more befitting of a Lamb of God album than a beer, but the liquid is straight up delicious. Whether the brewers are whipping up a fresh batch of their Cherry Garcia-inspired Belgian Quad — All I See is Carrion — or tickling tastebuds with another boozy juicebomb like No Escape from the Darkness, fans can’t get enough of these heavy metal masters. Hype: Adroit’s brews are so sought after, new releases regularly sell out before they’re even finished brewing!

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