Brain Squeeze Blackberry Cucumber

Brain Squeeze Blackberry Cucumber

What You'll Taste

The brew boasts the Brain Squeeze series’ trademark semi-tart juiciness from the blackberries, while the cucumbers bring a surprising wave of serene refreshment on the back end that sets this edition apart. It’s like the beer version of a summer poolside cocktail!


Back Story

About the Brewery

Drekker Brewing Company

Fargo, ND
The Fargo, North Dakota squad at Drekker Brewing is a bit of a spectacle — from their lively, Viking themed Brewhalla taproom to their off the wall dessert-inspired beers. They live and brew by the mantra “Beer is FUN, act accordingly,” and it shows! Their Ectogasm IPA and Doomsday Device Double IPA are fun-tastic. Still, the crowds come for the brewery’s Sour Slushies like Braaaaaaaains Strawberry & Guava and Braaaaaaaains Raspberry & Guava, and Sour Sundaes like Chonk Raspberry & Chocolate and Chonk Strawberry & White Chocolate. Hype: Drekker won a medal for Freak Parade at the US Open Beer Championships

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