Black Metal (Ghost 968)

Black Metal (Ghost 968)

What You'll Taste

The Altbier is one of the oldest styles in Germany’s storied history of beer making. It uses a special, top-fermenting yeast that cuts through the beer's malty sweetness, resulting in crisp, clean drinkability. The brewers allow the beer to ferment and mature in a cooler atmosphere. The result is a brew that’s almost like a Lager, but with an extra kick of malty flavor!Adroit Theory’s version is true-to-form, with a dark, amber hue, ester notes of red stone fruit, and plenty of honey-drizzled bread flavors. It’s ideal for sipping in a circle of friends while listening to your favorite Black Metal band.


Back Story

Black Metal Altbier reminds us of the metal band Nargorath — sure, they make some of the heaviest, most brutal sounds on planet earth, but they’re actually just a lovely group of German dudes who like their music a little more on the brooding side!So, cheers to them, and cheers to Adroit Theory’s crisp, light brew for the fans who want something refreshing, but still nice and dark!

About the Brewery

Adroit Theory Brewing Company

Purcellville, VA
Sure, every Adroit brew may come with a name more befitting of a Lamb of God album than a beer, but the liquid is straight up delicious. Whether the brewers are whipping up a fresh batch of their Cherry Garcia-inspired Belgian Quad — All I See is Carrion — or tickling tastebuds with another boozy juicebomb like No Escape from the Darkness, fans can’t get enough of these heavy metal masters. Hype: Adroit’s brews are so sought after, new releases regularly sell out before they’re even finished brewing!

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