Bistro Grande Pink Guava & Banana

Bistro Grande Pink Guava & Banana

What You'll Taste

Enjoying a delicious French dessert doesn’t require a flight to Paris.

It doesn’t take wandering the city’s winding streets. It doesn’t even take a passable understanding of the language when you need to ask about the bathroom.

No, no; if you need a taste of the city of lights, just indulge in today’s true-to-form banana chocolate delicacy, from the beer-tisserie at Energy City!


Back Story

The brewers at Energy City crafted this specialty beverage as an ode to dessert. Inspired by some of their favorite dessert flavors, they selected ingredients for this brew very deliberately to evoke that sense of joy that comes with a banana sundae.

About the Brewery

Energy City Brewering

Batavia, IL
A family-owned craft brewery founded in 2009with a taproom and beer garden located in the Fremont neighborhood.

What the brewery has to say

How did you guys get into brewing?

My husband, Leo Sawadogo, grew up in West Africa (Burkina Faso) watching his mom brew beer regularly, which is as traditional there as a mom making dinner.

How long did it take to start garnering attention from the local community?

Not long! We had some hype going in, since we were already recognized as the first brewery in Montclair. We’re also the only majority black-owned brewery in New Jersey. Right from opening day, we had long lines of people waiting to get in.

What kinds of beer do you specialize in?

We brew all kinds of beer year-round on our small, 7-barrel system. But, what we really specialize in is fruited beer. Leo likes to incorporate fruits and flavors from West Africa that aren’t commonly seen in the U.S., while I bring fruits and flavors from my own Jamaican background (like hibiscus).