What You'll Taste

It’s like a fruit smoothie with a ribbon of creamy marshmallow running all the way through.


Back Story

In Greek, ‘ambrosia’ literally means ‘immortality,’ and describes the food and drink of the ancient gods. We think the brewers at Energy City had that definition in mind when they created today’s Bistro Ambrosia - Pineapple, Tangerine, Cherry, Coconut, and Marshmallow.

About the Brewery

Energy City Brewing

Batavia, IL
On the first Saturday of every month, craft fiends from all over the Chicago area line up outside of a brick building in Batavia, Illinois. And, if you’re not there with them, you won’t enjoy any of the new releases from Energy City Brewing, because they’re only open to the public from 11-2, one day a month. That’s it. If you’re searching for a brew from these guys — like their Hop Nawi New England IPA or their Batisserie S’Mores Stout — you better be there. Or be square. Sure, you MIGHT be able to score a can of Milkshake Nawi Pineapple IPA if you’re willing to fly into the Windy City, rent a car, and drive from bottleshop to bottleshop with all your fingers crossed. But it’s not likely, especially when it comes to small-batch brews like Poputchik Russian Imperial Stout or Bistro Crumble Blackberry & Raspberry Berliner Weisse. Hype: Shout-outs as a “Must Try Brewery” from the Chicago Tribune, the Daily Herald, and The Hop Review!

What the brewery has to say