What You'll Taste

Fantastically bright, juice-packed Sour that’s as refreshing as a fistful of freshly picked berries! A natural fruit character tickles the nose with compelling tangy and floral aromas. The flavor is clean, with a jammy core followed by a pleasant dryness. The strong sweetness of raspberries all but covers up a mild tartness that breaks through in the finish, making each sip splendidly light and invigorating.


Back Story

About the Brewery

Fair State Brewing Cooperative

Minneapolis, MN
"Minneapolis craft beer fans are a lucky bunch — they don’t have to dream of owning a brewery, they can actually buy one! Or at least a piece of one. Because Fair State Brewing operates as a member-owned co-op. Any hop-crazed beer guzzler can become a lifetime member and actually own a share of the brewery! Honestly, just the discount on their beloved beers — like the super juicy Mirror Universe New England IPA, the tart and tangy Raspberry Roselle Sour Ale, or the easy drinking Pahlay'Ahlay Pale Ale — is enough reason to sign up! Hype: Named the Best Brewery in Minnesota by Thrillist AND CityPages!"

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