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A New Kind of Membership

  • Tavour+

    Welcome to a new kind of Tavour.

    Join and enjoy exciting benefits that make it easier for you to get great beer.

    1. FREE unlimited shipping on qualifying crates. Enjoy beer without having to think about the shipping. Psst, that shipping deal starts now by the way.

    2. Get early access to secret stash and special brewery releases. What's so good about that? 4 words. Deal with the Devil.

    3. Be a taste maker. Get exclusive access to pre-orders from new breweries and help decide if we should feature them again.

    No doubt it’s been a tough couple of years for breweries and craft beer lovers across the country; we want this club to make it easier to get more of the beer you love. All while supporting breweries that are working hard to get their beer to craft fans like you.

    Just interested in shipping? Stay tuned for our monthly shipping only program. For just $45 total, ship one crate a month for the next year.

    Tavour+ - Invite Only - $75 for 1 x Membership

  • Tavour Now

    Excited about the shipping but not as interested in the other benefits of the Tavour Club? Consider Tavour Now instead. For just $45 total, you can ship one crate per month for the next year. That’s normally the same cost as shipping three crates - but with Tavour Now you get a year of monthly beer deliveries!

    Simply purchase this shipping package and start filling your crate. No more waiting to load up on those drink-fresh IPAs from Other Half or Fruited Sours from Drekker – stock up on whatever you like without worrying about shipping costs.

    We hope this shipping package makes 2022 more enjoyable. All while empowering breweries to offer more great beer.

    Tavour Now - $45 for 1 x Membership

    The fine print:

    1. Crates of 12 beers or more qualify for FREE shipping. If your crate does not have 12 beers before the crate closing date, you will be charged $4.90.
    2. Applicable for any crates opened within a year of membership.
    3. Non-refundable unless cancelled within 3 days of purchase.
    4. In the event that we no longer ship to your area or must offer a refund, you will be pro-rated for the number of months remaining.

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