Independence Matters

Making the world taste better by joining, committing and drinking together

Independence Matters: When you’re independent, you have to work harder. You have to be scrappy. You have to want it a little more. And all that fight goes right into the beer — that’s just one of the reasons it tastes so damn good. And that’s why every beer you buy through Tavour is certified independent! If we partner with a brewery and they go Macro (i.e. sell out to a stifling corporation), we stop working with them. We don’t even stutter when we say good-bye. Because we’ve made a choice to stand with the small producers and artisans on the front lines of craft. They fight every day to keep their doors open and their patrons smiling. And you fight alongside them when you make the choice to care about what’s in your pint glass. We’re talking about more than just beer: breweries use ingredients grown by local farmers or harvested by local chocolatiers, ice creameries, and coffee roasters — just to name a few! It’s this connection that can make a difference. And it’s this connection that has the power to redefine local into a broader community of fans and breweries who believe independence is the heart of craft.

Our Mission: Subversive. Edgy. Strange … and damn tasty. This is craft beer culture at the top of its game and we’re giving you a front row seat — several front row seats. Because at Tavour, we transport you to barstools all over the country. There’s a hidden gem in West Virginia that insiders flock to like it’s the holy land. A family-run farm in New York that’s doing obscene things with organic honey and plants you’ve never heard of. An internationally famous outpost in South Carolina that’s built a name for themselves off a boozy dark potion you’ll swear is a seven layer chocolate cake. This is only a taste of where you’ll go when you drink Tavour. We obliterate the geographical divide that prevents you from walking directly through the doors of any brewpub so you and your friends can have headliner experiences. Don’t just read about life. Drink it.

Every beer you buy on the Tavour app is certified independent.

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