Tavour is exclusive to its members and is simple to use. Here is how it works…

Our relationship with award-winning craft brewers gives our members access to beers you cannot get anywhere else.

We’re not beer a of the month club. You only pay for the beer you want, and you have control over when it ships to you. To access our lineup of delicious members-only beers, download our Tavour app for iOS or Android.

  • Every day, we will introduce at least two new beers currently making waves in the craft beer community.
  • To purchase beer, download the Tavour app, press “Get it”. From there, choose your desired quantity and then press “Claim Your Beer”.
  • Make sure you have a valid credit card and shipping address. Deliveries require an adult 21+ to sign for your beers. We strongly encourage that you use a commercial shipping address in order to minimize missed delivery attempts.
  • Shipping is a flat fee of $14.90 (plus tax where applicable)! We strongly encourage that you use a commercial shipping address. Add as many or as little beers as you’d like. You can control when the beer ships by updating the ship date on your app's "Open Crate" page. If you want to enjoy that hop-bomb super fresh, move up your ship date.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I enter in my Gift Card code?

Head to the "Payments & Credits" page of the app! Press "Redeem Gift Card or Referral" and enter in your code! Please note we also require a credit card on file in order to make a purchase, in case you run out of gift credit. Your credit will always be used first!

How do referrals work?

Receive $10 in referral credit for every friend you refer to Tavour! Credit is applied once your friend buys their first beer.

If you are referred by a friend, you’ll receive $10 towards your first beer purchase. To claim your credit, enter your friend’s referral code during signup or on the "Payments & Credits" page of the app prior to your first purchase.

I accidentally put a beer in my crate! Can I remove it?

Of course! You can cancel and request a refund for beers within 3 days of purchase. Contact us at support@tavour.com and we'll help you out!

How does the waitlist work?

Beers sell out! Don’t worry, if we can't fulfill your order, you can place yourself on the waitlist. We process waitlists in the order that they are received, and your card will only be charged when the beer you’ve waitlisted for becomes available and placed in your crate. Waitlists are valid for 30 days, so occasionally, you'll see a beer pop up in your crate weeks after you had waitlisted for it. If you changed your mind while waiting, let us know within 3 days so we can set aside that beer to the next in line.

How can I see the notifications for new beer?

If you are not getting push notifications on the Tavour App for iOS or Android, check the "Notifications" page on the app or your junk mail folder for email notifications.

Can I see the beers I have paid for?

Your app’s “Open Crate” will show the beers in your crate. The “Shipped” tab will show all previous crates. You can also log into tavour.com and navigate to your account homepage to see the same information.

I will be out of town. Can I change the shipping date?

Yes! Choose the week your beer leaves our facility in Seattle! You can update the crate ship date on your "Open Crate" page. You can also update your ship date on your account homepage.

How long does it take for my beer to arrive?

Once your beer has left our facility in Seattle, Washington shipping will take:

East Coast: Approximately 7-8 business days
Mid-West: Approximately 4-6 business days
West Coast: Approximately 3-5 business days

When your beer leaves our facility from Seattle, you will receive an email with your tracking information. We ship all crates to local carriers in your region.

Once your crate is scanned in and your assigned tracking information will activate the same day or next day. Most crates are delivered within a day or two after they are scanned in by your local carrier. Please note that occasionally, large crates are split into multiple boxes and can arrive at varying times. The approximate times mentioned above are to receive the beer from the time they leave Seattle.

I live in Seattle. Can I pick up my beers instead?

For local Seattle area customers, you have the option to pick-up your beer from us! Please note, all crates on hold for pickup will expire after 90 days.

How does delivery work?

An adult 21+ must be present to sign for the beer. We highly recommend that you have your beer delivered to a commercial address to reduce missed delivery attempts! Our carriers typically deliver during business hours Monday-Friday.

I can't have my beer delivered to my work and no one is home to sign for my beer; what are my options?

Depending on proximity, you may be able to pick-up your beer from the local carrier's shipping hub. Alternatively, you may seek out your local shipping service center to have them sign and hold your packages. Many of these service centers will charge a small fee per package. Contact support@tavour.com for more information.

I missed my delivery! What should I do?

Most carriers attempt delivery 3 times. To contact your carrier, their information is listed on your tracking link provided by Tavour. If your local carrier has informed you that your crate has been 'Returned to Sender’ or ‘RTS', it is very likely that it actually hasn't been sent back to us, but stored in at the local carrier's main shipping hub. Please contact support@tavour.com for us to contact your carrier for re-delivery attempts.

My beer arrived damaged! What should I do?

In the very sad case that your beers shows up undrinkable, contact us at support@tavour.com and we will replace the beer if possible or credit you! Please send us pictures of the damage so we can improve any issues in packing. We highly advise that you accept damaged packages from your carrier to prevent them from potentially getting sent back to us. This claim process can take 3-5 months and no party involved will be pleased. Plus, we want you to be able to enjoy the beers that weren't damaged!

My beer is lost! What should I do?

Contact us at support@tavour.com and we will work with the local carrier to figure out what happened! In the unfortunate case that your beer is considered missing, we will replace what is possible and refund the rest.

Anything else?

For any questions or problems, email support@tavour.com. One of us will get back to you as soon as possible; usually within 1-2 business days.