What Else Should I Eat? NO APOLOGIES

Food Pairings

Off Color’s rather daring I’m Sorry Belgian is a tour-de-force of sweet florality - it’s like huffing your face into a bed of tea and roses without giving you an allergy attack. But don't think for a moment it’s too potent to pair with noshing.

A floral Belgian is a kindred spirit to french Rose wines, so it’s an ideal match for summertime foods! Bust out your strawberry salads, herb crusted catfish, or even gazpacho to pair perfectly with this beer for a non-apologetically refreshing outdoor dining experience.

But if light and crisp doesn’t strike your fancy, get down with the cream cheese in a shortbread crusted cheesecake. The rose hips and camomile earthiness will accompany the sweetness like a Sunday tea party.

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