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There’s Always Room for Guacamole

Food Pairings

The Mexican Lager is blasting through as the fastest growing style in craft. Why? Perhaps it’s because it’s refreshing. It could be that it’s uncomplicated yet delicious. But I think the real reason is because there’s no other beer better suited for the spicy, rich cuisine of its mother country. Bring on the tacos and the best this style has to offer.

Two of the greatest craft Mexican Lagers are coming out of the West in the form of pFriem’s Mexican Lager and Brasserie St. James’ Santiago. Both loaded with that crisp, citrusy, crush-back-till-you-can’t-no-more drinkability, these two brews are dead on matches for a fat Mission-style burrito...with carnitas...and so, so much guacamole. No, I mean it. All the guacamole you have.

Maybe you’ve seen your father-in-law sipping down Coronas when it’s hot outside, the long, clear neck choking on a just-squeezed lime wedge. Sure, he’ll call it a “Mexican Lager,” but a true brew doesn’t need fruit to be delicious...

Thank goodness for craft beer.

Come hang out!