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The Evil That Men Do

Beyond the Bottle

When Bruce Dickinson, legendary frontman of legendary Iron Maiden heavy metal band, wanted to brew a beer he sought out his favorite: Robinsons, a well-travelled traditionally English brewery with over 150 years of experience.

At first they Robinsons was dismissive. They’d tried a band-brewery collaboration before and weren’t happy with the results. They didn’t just want to make a novelty beer, they wanted to make a quality product.

So they put Dickinson through a rigorous blind tasting test to prove he was a worthy collaborator. Dickinson passed with flying colors and soon was soon toiling away composing the recipe for Robinsons’ soon-to-be-a-hit Hallowed ESB.

The Dickinson/Robinsons collaborations are wildly successive and the team’s already on their third beer -- the Belgian inspired Trooper Hallowed. This delicious new beer with a flourish of Belgian style spice shows the skill of both parties involved. Perhaps some day, they’ll make a whole brewing line dedicated to Iron Maiden. Until then, we’re really digging every ferocious step of the way.

Written by Neal Yurick

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