Thai Food Needs Beer, Too

Food Pairings

Hello, I’m Ed, and I’m a Thai food junkie. And if you’re not, you’re doing it wrong. Every dish in Thai cuisine is consumed with hitting all those taste buds at once -- sweet, spicy, tangy, funky, salty, and spicy all over again come round the tongue in an endless flurry of flavor.

Thai restaurants always come complete with a fully-stocked arsenal of Singha Lager, but a Saison has even greater potential to draw out the intensity. And to double down on this pairing dream, I’m reaching for the tropical edge in Zipline Brewing’s Hibiscus Saison.

After you take your first bite of four-star spicy pad thai or perhaps some uber rich drunken noodles, slur Hibiscus down -- the blast of floral acidity and peppery dryness really cuts through the sweet and tangy aspects, cooling the spicy, while allowing those hidden umami depths come right up to the forefront.

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