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Seattle’s Best Breweries: What Condé Nast Missed


Condé Nast Traveler recently featured Seattle's 12 Best Breweries. We think they missed just a few. You can’t trip over a rented green bicycle in Seattle without eyeballing a brewery. See, there’s one over there, in there, and -- wouldya’ looky here-- one just right across the street! Fortunately, a good majority of them make freakin’ delicious brews. So when I saw the high-end traveler's guide Condé Nast give the Emerald City a shout out, it tickled my...

The Big IPA Lie


You can’t always trust the IPA stamp on beer labels. Here are some helpful hints for finding authentic hoppy bitterness. That Hazy IPA you’re drinking -- it’s not really an IPA. With almost no perceivable bitterness and a bunch of wheaty haze, it’s more like a heavily hopped Wheat Beer. That’s not all. At times, Session IPAs, Black IPAs, Belgian IPAs and Sour IPAs all deviate from the true hoppy bitterness of an authentic India...

No Washington Post, Craft Beer Is Still Frothy AF

Beer News, Opinion

Brewery closures are actually a good sign for the craft beer industry. A recent Washington Post article claimed the craft beer industry has “grown less frothy,” citing that more craft breweries closed in 2017 than any time in the past decade. Should we start panicking? No, no, let’s all take a deep breath. Because here’s the thing: according to the Brewers Association report, while last year saw 165 breweries close their doors, nearly 1,000 new breweries opened....

The 8 Most Underrated Beers on Untappd


OUTRAGE! There are hundreds of awesome beers on Untappd that are getting unfairly low ratings! Why? Some breweries are lesser known, some styles are less trendy, and some flavors only appeal to very adventurous palates. In an attempt to highlight some of these exceptional brews hidden in the shadows of the hyped-up Hazy IPAs and popular Pastry Stouts, I’ve scoured Untappd for the 8 most underrated beers I could find. 8. Ten Ninety Brewing - De Ogen Pumpkin Saison:...

Opinion: Why "Tasty" is Subjective


Have you or a loved one ever tasted a beer that reminded you of overripe fruit, gym socks, or moldy cheese? Did you like it? If so, you may have contracted a moderate to severe case of Funkitis. Kidding! Beer is a strange, wonderful world of flavors, and what may delight or intrigue your palate doesn’t necessarily mean your drinking buddy will dig it too. (And it doesn’t help that our taste buds are fickle little beasts with...

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