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Sometimes You Just Need A Steak

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You read the title. Gourmet dining with incoherent layers of toasted, brined, shaved, flambeed ingredients is fine once in a while, but you work too hard to work too hard for your meal. Sometimes, you just need a bloody steak. Pun intended.

After handpicking that thick-as-a-brick T-bone, ribeye, or strip steak, you need a no frills beer that will hold up to your grilled masterpiece -- and that beer is the boozy darkness found within Crooked Fence’s Sins of Our Fathers Imperial Stout.

Espresso, dark chocolate, robust English tobacco notes rise from the glass, matching that impressive char you get from searing. Hints of licorice and smooth vanilla give a balance to the umami, while the total thunder of 5 different malts give the beer heft to hold up to every juicy bite.

Sometimes you need a steak. Sometimes you need a Stout. When you have them together, you’ll always feel satisfied.

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