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Seattle’s Best Breweries: What Condé Nast Missed


Condé Nast Traveler recently featured Seattle's 12 Best Breweries. We think they missed just a few.

You can’t trip over a rented green bicycle in Seattle without eyeballing a brewery. See, there’s one over there, in there, and -- wouldya’ looky here-- one just right across the street! Fortunately, a good majority of them make freakin’ delicious brews.

So when I saw the high-end traveler's guide Condé Nast give the Emerald City a shout out, it tickled my pride. Yeah, Seattle’s hella’ spoiled. In their article, they encourage wanderlusters eager for tasty suds to check out what they call the “12 Best Breweries in Seattle.”

Wait a damn minute! Only 12? While all the breweries on the list are great, the list is missing a few that I think everyone should check out if they’re looking for a hyper-local Seattle beer travel experience:

  • Lantern Brewing - North of downtown, Lantern’s churning out some elegant and downright experimental Pacific Northwest takes on Belgian and European beers. Their gorgeous, barrel-filled taproom is rustic, industrial, and cozy all at the same time. This inviting atmosphere is perfect for trying beers like Voltaire, a Kenyan-coffee infused Biere de Garde; a Fresh Hopped Saison; or Naughty Gnome, a pickled beet and mulberry mixed Wheat Ale.

  • Seapine Brewing - Sitting amongst SODO’s Puget Sound industry, Seapine is all about hops and German beer styles. Even on a Wednesday afternoon, you’ll see this place pile up with eager drinkers and their dogs. Perhaps the most popular chugger is the Mosaic Pale Ale, a crush-worthy Hefe, or the unfiltered Ur-Pils Lager. Wait for fall and try one of the city’s best Oktoberfest brews.

  • Machine House Brewery - This brewery’s exterior looks like it’s straight out of 19th century Birmingham! In the Georgetown neighborhood, south of Seattle city center, Machine House uses authentic techniques to create one-of-a-kind, British-style cask Ales. These fresh ales develop crazy amounts of flavor as they rest in oak. Check out the beer styles you won’t find in many breweries: Dark Mild Ale, Best Bitter, and an Oyster Stout!

  • Chuck’s Hop Shop - While not a brewery, Chuck’s is as central to the Seattle beer scene as any GABF Gold winner. Both locations in Greenwood and the Central District showcase bottles from local breweries and beyond, and their importance is recognized through ongoing collaborations with the likes of Fremont Brewing. The Greenwood location in particular is the definition of relaxed comfort, offering board game-lined tables surrounded by beer fridges and an outdoor patio perfect for bringing your doggos and kiddos.

There are so many great breweries in the Emerald City, without even including the worthy beer makers beyond the city limits around the Puget Sound -- one list cannot contain them all. Beer isn’t just a drink here; to many, it’s a requirement of citizenship. Don’t worry -- we perform our civic duty. Daily.

Written by Ed Moore

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