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Time for a Sausage Party! (No, Not that Kind)

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Pretty soon those leaves will be falling by the bushel to the ground, flashing their colors to let you know: FALL IS FINALLY HERE. And in Germany, that means things are about to get real -- real bellies full of sausages, real lederhosen, and real millions of liters of Oktoberfest Lagers going straight down the gullets of thirsty partiers.

Texas’ Rahr & Sons was molded by masterful German brewing, and their take on the Oktoberfest is a reminder Americans can party like their German friends just as freewheelin’ thank you very much. It’s endlessly chuggable with boozy caramel that will make with any hot mustard covered pretzel or schnitzel you can find go down easy.

But man, you gotta go classic and pair this brew with a plump-as-an-overweight-dachshund bratwurst. Smother it in some onions, pile on the kraut, drizzle your finest mustard, and go down to party town. PROST!

Come hang out!