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Quackers for Poppies

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The Flanders Red is like the fancy glass of red wine with dinner but with one little twist -- it’s primed with a refreshing splice of sour to cut through any of the fatty, spicy fare.

For our next gastropub adventure, we’re bringing America’s best rated Flanders Red, The Lost Abbey’s Red Poppy, and pairing it with the ultimate in French fried decadence: Duck Confit Wings.

Duck confit preserves the bird in its own fat, keeping the meat ridiculously melt-in-your-mouth tender and uber, duber flavorful. To sharpen your palate between each bite, sipping a Flanders Red will wash away that umami-rich duck fat in a flood of sour cherries and oak. Eat one wing, take a sip, eat another wing, take a sip, then repeat until your plate is empty, your glass is empty, and you’re ready to sing La Marseillaise in triumph.

Bring plenty of napkins.

Come hang out!