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North Carolina Brewery Crafts Carbon Neutral Hemp Beer

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Four Saints Brewing has crafted North Carolina’s first Hemp beer, and one of the country’s first brews to use a 100% carbon neutral process. Asheboro, North Carolina’s Four Saints Brewing crafted the state’s first registered Hemp Ale to support local farmers shifting away from growing tobacco toward a more sustainable crop. But apparently that “first” just wasn’t enough. So they took the innovation factor a step further to make a beer using a carbon neutral...

World Cup: Most Beautiful Beers for the Most Beautiful Game

Misc Musings

Put these beers in your cup while you watch the World Cup It’s World Cup season! The largest sporting event in the world is here and ready to take the planet’s imagination captive. And sadly, the United States will be watching from home, having failed to qualify for the tournament. Bummer. But here’s some silver lining: watching the 32 teams in the World Cup leaves us plenty of time to drink and judge the beer made by...

For Father’s Day: A Beer to Match Your Dad-Type

Misc Musings

This Father’s Day, match your Dad’s quirky personality with a beer he’ll love. Here’s your guide. Every Dad is a special and unique fella’ who deserves to pop open a cold one he loves this Father’s Day. We’re here to help you figure out which beer is perfectly suited to your Dad’s quirks. Is he the kind of guy who charms the pants off a trouser salesman? Is he a reformed 1970’s...

What Your Favorite Beer Style Says About You

Misc Musings

The type of beer you like to drink actually says a lot about your personality. Read on to discover your true essence as a human. If you’ve ever thought your go-to beer style embodies your entire personality, well, you’d be correct. Okay, maybe not entirely, but like, 90%. At least as accurate as Friday’s New York Times horoscope and far more fun than analyzing tea leaves. We’ve compiled a (non)-exhaustive list of craft beer styles,...

How Straight to Ale Went from Homebrewer to the Best Brewery in Alabama

Featured Breweries

Get a peek into the challenges and joys of brewing in Alabama with Straight to Ale’s founder Dan Perry. Alabama isn’t the first place you'd usually think of when you ponder craft beer, but Straight To Ale is on a mission to change that. They’ve been named the best brewery in the State by RateBeer and have the top-ranked beer in the state as well. Straight to Ale’s path to greatness was a long one. Due...

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