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Seattle’s Urban Family Brewing Keeps it Local and Funky Fresh

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With a new head brewer and renewed focus on catering to Seattle’s beer crowd, Urban Family’s fleet of super-fruited barrel-aged Sours and juicy IPAs is making the brewery a delicious staple in the Emerald City. On a sunny Friday morning in June with a cool breeze floating off Salmon Bay, the warehouse district in Seattle’s Magnolia neighborhood is fairly sleepy. But tucked away among the other nondescript industrial spaces, the metallic clang of kegs being washed and...

Whale Watching Vol 1: Trillium x Monkish x Other Half - Fully Loaded Baked Potato

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Defining the Whale, one rare beer at a time. Is there a beer you really want to try, but can't find it anywhere? Do you have to trade the five best brews in your cellar to get it? Then it might be a whale you’re hunting for. Welcome to the first installment in Tavour’s new Whale Watching series, wherein we taste some of the world’s most sought-after beers and dive deeper to see what the hype is...

Is Brut IPA the Newest Hop Trend?

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Meet the next big IPA substyle in craft: Brut IPA Hazy IPAs are clearly the trendiest hoppy beer in the country. Breweries are scrambling to pump out as many as they can, replacing tap lines that used to be dedicated to the classic West Coast IPA with new fruit-forward beers in the New England IPA fashion. The East Coast has toppled the West Coast’s hop dominance. But this East Coast dominance might be coming to an end soon. A...

Asheville’s Burial Beer Co. Was Born in Seattle

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Burial Beer Co. has become synonymous with Asheville NC’s vibrant beer scene, but this standout brewery’s roots are actually far to the West in Seattle. In the last five years, Burial Beer Co. has gone from brewing on a one-barrel system in a rented art gallery to gaining national attention and making over 10,000 barrels of beer a year. That trajectory has tracked so closely with the explosive growth in the surrounding Asheville North Carolina beer scene...

Matchless Brewing Adds Barrel Program to IPA Repertoire

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How a juicy IPA brewery decided to break its mold with small-batch barrel beers Between Grant Bolt and Patrick Jansen, there’s enough visionary brewing expertise (and hair) to go around. The brewers and co-owners of Matchless Brewing have taken a brewing idea, moved to an odd little suburb of Olympia, Washington, and created some of the hottest beers in the state. The two (who have luscious locks and the beards many of us come to associate with brewers) are...

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