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Upslope Brewing Company has got to be the brewery most obsessed with the great outdoors we’ve ever featured on Tavour.

For starters, they have a series of launch parties for their beers in the middle of a hike through the woods. One of these brews, their Outside Denali IPA, was made to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the outdoor recreation-focused Outside magazine. But for Upslope, nature isn’t all fun and games; they also intently focused on conserving the environment for future generations in every aspect of their brewing.

To minimize carbon footprint from shipping their beers, all their brews come in cans. For special releases when a 12oz can doesn’t seem appropriate, they break out the 19.2oz behemoths for a bit of extra razzle dazzle and booze to bring along on a long hike. They are 100% wind powered, donate to river conservation efforts, they’ve reduced the amount of water they use to make beer by nearly 50%, and 100% of their events are zero waste, with an emphasis on recycling and composting.

All of this love of the outdoors translates into incredible beer. For their water they source the purest snowmelt, giving them an excellent jumping off point for a full catalog of GABF award winning brews. Seek these guys out*!

*you might have to trek a ways up a mountain or river to find them!

Written by Neal Yurick

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