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I Can’t Stop Thinking About Wolves

Beyond the Bottle

Every winter Stormbreaker Brewing releases a new version of their Winter Coat Ale -- a big burly dark beer with additions that change each year. For 2017 they take inspiration from one of the most iconic winter coats in pop culture -- Jon Snow’s big fluffy fur coat from Game of Thrones.

In homage to wolf subthemes, Stormbreaker uses wolfberries to give this dark brew a plot twist for the palate. Also known as goji berries, this superfood is rich in antioxidants and are supposed to help you live a long life -- helpful if you’re a character in the death-filled world of Game of Thrones.

Winter Coat also includes oranges and cherries, but I had a hard time finding their Westerosi connections. After a bit of research, I found some GoT’s fanfiction that claims there’s a Cherry Festival in Tarth and there is a scene in the show where Arya gets attacked by the Waif, then tumbles and spills some oranges -- but I suspect the real reason these ingredients are in the beer is because they’re tasty and pair well with wolfberries.

Drink up and savor each and every drop of this totally unofficial GoT tribute beer. It’ll help you last the long winter before the next episodes or novels arrive.

Written By Neal Yurick

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