How to Support Indie Beer: Seek the Seal

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For many craft beer fans, their list of hobbies include: beer hunting, beer trading, cellaring, homebrewing, drinking beer, and posting well captioned beer pics on Instagram. They take pride in what they drink, care about where it comes from, and the quality and care that comes from passionate, independently owned breweries.

Tavour has strong feelings when it comes to supporting independent craft breweries as well, and have made a dedicated commitment to only partner with indie breweries. Apparently you share the sentiment: the #craftbeer hashtag has been used over 15 million times already, and #drinklocal is growing in numbers at over 2.4 million.

Why do we share? For our passion to be seen. It’s the same reason why independent breweries make craft beer and choose to remain independent. They’re dedicated to the art and they want to share their work with beer lovers that truly appreciate the craft. In order for breweries to proudly represent their independence, the Brewers Association created a seal to be used on bottles, signage, clothing, and anything related. And now more than 3,000 independent U.S. breweries are using it, showing their support and camaraderie. Check out the interactive map at craftbeer.com/breweries/find-a-us-brewery for a full list of independent craft breweries searchable by state!

Whenever you’re in an Instagramy mood, #seektheseal -- check that bottle, can, t-shirt, or brewery signage for the upside-down bottle indicating your beer is independent and in need of your support.

Written by Dylan Kasprzyk

Featured image from Brewers Association Facebook page

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