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Stone Brewing, man, they do whatever the hell they want and each time...I freakin’ love it. They dashed in a little extra crazy in their latest mega-hop-bomb by infusing rare citrus fruit and mother flippin’ habaneros!

Yes. Habaneros. Those tiny little orange peppers that could signal an overnight stay in an emergency room are a bold-ass addition to their new Fruitallica Double IPA -- and yet, Stone manages to elegantly (ahem, am I still talking about Stone here?) layer in this 100,000 Scoville-burning pod to a fruity IPA. The peach and mango character of the pepper surrounds your tongue, while the chili-fire is a mere spicy endcap to the super juicy IPA.

Before summer ends, melt-up some Velveeta and Rotel with a little ground sausage for a party-craving queso -- and be sure to pair it with Fruitallica. The lively citrus and peppery heat will hold up to those artery-clogging volumes of processed cheese heaven.

Photo from @stonebrewing

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