Heavy Metal Beer Float

Food Pairings

Ice cream floats are for kids, beer floats are for adults, but a beer float made with Against the Grain’s 35K Milk Stout is for dark beer-craving badasses.

Filled to the very to brim of its 16oz can with dark ganache-soaked flavors of Turkish espresso and brimstone, 35K coats your tongue in crude-oil like smoothness. It’ll suck in every drop of vanilla ice cream’s sweetness and make chocolate ice cream melt just by looking at it.

Two scoops is plenty, but three’s always better. If you’re looking for a little relief from the black metal choco-storm, you’re more than welcome to drizzle some caramel. F* it, add some sprinkles -- you’re a badass now, and you can own it.

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