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I love having a beer with a meal. I believe that for any dish, no matter how spicy, sweet, or complex, there’s a beer out there ideally suited to balance and accentuate a meal’s flavor. But Deschutes’ dark and boozy Black Butte XXIX is not one of those beers.

Black Butte XXIX needs no pairing, wants no pairing, is a five-course delicacy onto itself. It brings together a world famous Porter, bourbon barrels, Jamaican rum barrels, Dutch cocoa, Saigon cinnamon, and cayenne pepper...the only missing ingredients are a tulip glass and long moments of reflection.

I’m no tobacco advocate, but a fine maduro cigar or a pipe full of the strong English stuff would roll right on with the spicy darkness within every sip of Black Butte. Find a good 60 degree night, pull up a lawn chair, look at the stars, and swirl this black elixir for endless moments of contemplation.

Photo from Tenemu

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