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FemAle Beer Fest: You Can’t Spell Female Without Ale

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Coming March 24th to Fort Lauderdale, FL: FemAle Brew Fest features craft beer made by female owned and co-owned breweries, and by women in lead brewing roles including Due South, Proof, Accomplice, MIA, and Funky Buddha. (Whether or not you still consider Funky Buddha craft, you can’t deny the major impact they’ve made on the craft beer scene.) FemAle has curated an all female music line-up, female owned vendors, and all the food is provided by female-owned local restaurants.

I picked the brain of FemAle Brew Fest Founder Frances Antonio-Martineau:

How many years has the Festival been running and how did it all come about?
2018 will be year two. As an entrepreneur and longtime craft beer drinker, I am always on the lookout for avenues to promote and showcase women. I came up with the idea for the FemAle Brew Fest when I realized there were plenty of women in the brewing industry right here in South Florida. Through my love of beer and passion to be able to empower other women, FemAle Brew Fest was born. Shortly after FemAle last year, I became a member of the Pink Boots Society. I will be participating in my first collaboration brew day this year and hope to be much more involved in the brewing industry.

What’s the festival vibe like?
FemAle is like the Lilith Fair of craft beer festivals. The festival is a big party and celebration of the awesome women in beer. Its a mixed crowd consisting of men & women, varying age groups all sharing one thing in common: the love of drinking good beer. Because we have the beer experts at the festival, attendees have the opportunity to interact with them and talk about beer.

Beyond that it's all female focused, is there anything else unique that goes on there?
The uniqueness of the festival is its focus: the women in the brewing industry. The goal for the festival is not only to highlight the amazing women brewing some awesome beer, but to also use it as a platform to let their stories be heard. The festival is also a way to showcase local female business owners, bands and DJs. At the same time celebrating the growing number of women that enjoy craft beer.

Do breweries do special beer releases at festival? We release a few beers brewed exclusively for the festival. For example, this year Santa Cruz Mountain Brewing from CA will be brewing a special beer for FemAle. The brewery will be collaborating with other female brewers in their county.

Tavour partner brewery Due South are participating this year, here’s what co-owner Jody Halker had to tell us about their involvement in the fest:
“Due South is looking forward to participating in the 2nd Annual FemAle Brew Fest being hosted in downtown Fort Lauderdale. This unique event highlights everything that women are doing in the South Florida beer industry. From female brewers to sales staff to owners, the fest helps to show that the industry is changing to better represent who enjoys craft beer.”

What are you planning to bring to the fest this year? “We plan to bring some of our crowd favorites to the fest, so people should expect some pretty awesome hop-forward beers including our March release of the award-winning Oaked Category 5 IPA.”

The fest not only offers a tasting of great women-made craft beer, it’s also a chance to learn from these remarkable ladies. There’ll be a Q&A session, as well as a Beer Expert tent set-up for attendees to have the opportunity for some one-on-one time.

Check out this video footage from last year at the FemAle Brew Fest.

*BREAKING NEWS - MIA Brewing are now Tavour partners!

Written by Dylan Kasprzyk

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